Seems that our mailing list is being sent to customers as it's being reported by some users on social networks.

We want to make clear that Robosavvy Ltd and Coolcomponents Ltd did not exchange databases between themselves neither RoboSavvy Ltd aquired any mailing list from any source.

We only send newsletters to our customers or to who registers directly on this link and want to apologise by any inconvenience that may have been caused by our last newsletter.

From our investigations there are around 4000 emails that were added to our database on the 5th of January and on the 14th of January we have unsubscribed those emails to make sure that unsolicited emails will not be sent to them.

We will continue to investigate this issue, if you want to make sure that you are not in the database please unsubscribe here

To avoid future similar issues we will implement a more secure way to subscribe to our newsletter by adding a captcha on the subscribe page so no one can programatically add values to our database.

Once again our apologies to everyone that received the email by mistake.

update 1 2016/02/25 12:57

Robosavvy will take the following measures to avoid this in the future
  • a confirmation email is sent after the user subscribes on the subscription page (just implemented / activated)
  • captcha on the subscription page to avoid bots subscribing emails

update 2 2016/02/25 14:46

After some search in the database we found out that, in another date, more emails were added to the database. All these emails were added using the website and on 3 different days we have 3 different IP addresses adding them, all of the IPs are backtraced to china.

To prevent that more emails exist on our database we deleted all emails that were subscribed since the 5th of January, sorry for those who legit subscribed but this way we make sure that it does not happen again.

We will make the modifications as explained on step one to protect us against similar issues.

update 3 2016/02/26 13:54

We want to make clear that we don't know if the 4000 emails that were added to our database on those dates came from Cool Components ltd. database or are part of their database. We found very few that could be related with Cool Components ltd. customers, as they included "coolcomponents" but most of the emails they look normal emails and, as we don't have access to their customers accounts, we don't know it they are actually cool components customers.