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XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen

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Quick overview

Bring your limitless imagination to life with the XYZprinting 3D pen. The PLA filament is pushed through the tip of the pen, heated, melted and then solidifies in the cold air. Start 3D printing without a computer – now! Main product properties:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • 3D print with your hand – Bring your imagination to life
  • Works with environmentally-friendly PLA-Filament
  • Plug&play 3D pen with high mobility
  • XYZprinting 3D-Pen – 3D print without a computer, no CAD knowledge needed

    The XYZprinting 3D pen brings your boundless imagination to life. With this 3D pen, PLA filament is heated – until it's fluid – and pressed through the tip of the pen. The liquid filament solidifies very quickly in the cool air, leaving your movements in solid material. The 3D pen requires neither a computer nor CAD knowledge. You can start drawing in 3D easily and inexpensively.

    3D printing with the most powerful computer – Your unique manual capability

    The da Vinci 3D Pen by XYZprinting is a stand-alone device. It lets you manually create 3D objects without a computer or computer-aided design software. How far do you imagine? That's how far the capabilities of this wonderful 3D pen go.

    Less restrictions, endless possibilities thanks to mobility

    The da Vinci 3D pen is light and mobile, so you can use it in almost any environment. Use it to create large or small objects. Move freely along a surface or expand your creations upwards. Let your creativity play and realize breath-taking things.

    Vivid colours and environmentally friendly PLA filament

    The da Vinci 3D Pen has a choice of 11 bright-shining colours of filaments. The PLA refill filaments are biodegradable and non-toxic materials on an organic basis. This filament has undergone various tests. This ensures that it is DEHP-free and free of heavy metals. Be carefree – We take care of your safety.

    Buy 3D pens from your specialised dealer

    Why should you buy your XYZ Printing da Vinci 3D pen from a dealer? Unlike Amazon, Ebay, conrad or other major online retailers and marketplaces, our specialization in 3D printing means we can offer you comprehensive support and help with your questions.

    Technical data:

    Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) / FDM
    Material: 1.75 mm environmentally friendly PLA filament
    Product dimensions: 178 x 28 x 25 mm
    Product weight: 70 g

    Cleaning and maintenance tool

    Free XYZ Online Video Tutorials

    Compatible with PLA from other manufacturers

    Buy the XYZprinting da Vinci 3D pen and 3D print without a computer and CAD. Start drawing in 3D now.

    Manufacturer part No: 3N10XXEU01E