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Everything you need to know
when buying your X-Carve


Step 1 - Choose your X-Carve rail size (*Currently only the 1000mm is available)

To start you pick your size of X-Carve. The Rails are the foundation of your X-Carve's functionality and work area. Consider your projects and available space when selecting your size.

What is included in the base package
This is all included and does not need purchasing. All parts will fit your machine size

- Threaded inserts, M5 Screws and T-slot nuts only (for waste board)
- Side Board Kit - Side Board, extrusions and hardware
- NEMA 23 Motor Kit - Four 140oz-in stepper motors with connectorized cable assemblies
- Drag Chain Kit - Drag Chain, mounting brackets and hardware
- Homing Switch Kit - Switches, assembled cables and hardware
- Z-Probe Kit - For haming Z axis
- Toolkit - Includes 7 piece metric hex key set, 2mm slot head screwdriver, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm open-end wrenches, safety glasses, all in a waterproof black pouch
- Clamp Set - 60 piece set for securing material up to 1.75" thick to the waste board while carving
- Rail Kit - Black MakerSlide, support extrusions, GT2 belts, brackets and hardware
- X-Controller Kit - High-power motion controller kit for X-Carve
- 1 year subscription to Easel Pro

NOTE - You must choose between an EU and UK power cord for the X-Carve.

Step 2 - Choose your Waste Board 

The Waste Boards are the bed of your machine that lets you bolt down material for carving.
The wood is soft so that it does not damage your carving bits.

The wasteboards for the 1000mm X-Carve are sourced locally. The difference of the locally sourced boards are that they 18mm thick instead of 3/4" (19.05mm) and they do not have a silkscreen grid.

Step 3 - Pick your Spindle & Mount option
The spindle is at the core of the X-Carve, its job is to hold and rotate your carving bits at the right speed for the job. We have two options, the DeWalt D26200 and the DeWalt Mounting kit or the Universal Mounting Kit and the Spindle Mounting Plate.

The DeWalt D26200 is the professional standard for spindles and a great all rounder for all your project needs and the DeWalt Mounting Kit includes the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter for the Inventables carving bits. But if you have your own spindle or router the universal mounting kit will fit many standard spindle sizes.

All four products are indevidually selectable on the purchase page. The DeWalt D26200 - 900W 1/4" Compact Router does not include the DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount + 1/4 to 1/8 Collet Adapter.

*NOTE - The D26200 is the european version of the D611 


*The Dewalt router is sourced from the UK therefore will have a UK plug.
* *If you are using the Makita RT0701C or a similar model a shim can be used in tandem with the official Dewalt mount as the Makita RT0701C is only slightly smaller than the Dewalt D26200.

Step 4 - Choose your Carving Bits
We have a wide array of Carving bits from fine detail to metal cutting. If you are starting out in 3D carving we always recommend the "Carving Bit Super pack". With 10 bits the super pack covers all the bases of carving. For specialised projects we also have sets for soft metals, wood plastic and fine detail engraving.


Step 5 - Choose your extras

Dust Control System
Want to keep your workshop dust free? The X-Carve Dust Control System is designed
to collect dust as the machine carves your work piece. It features a dust shoe that
attaches to the X axis carriage. A grounded hose connects to the dust shoe and routes
the work dust into your vacuum or dust collector.

The DeWalt 26200 precision collet, nut and wrench for those that want the next level of
accuracy, the precision collet can offer more grip and less vibrations on the carving bit.
Not essential, but quite the upgrade.

Laser Engraving Upgrade
The lasers are for the more experienced carvers ready for the next level or fabrication.
The 3.8W and 2.8W models provide a varied level of power suited for different materials.

The Mounting Kit for JTech Photonics will let you attach the lasers to either the DeWalt Mounting kit or the Universal Mounting Kit.

The laser shielding is essential. Full reflection precautions are highly recomended as these lasers DO NOT come with laser shielding.


You'll need a CAD program for drawing, a CAM program forgenerating tool paths and a Controller software that provides the interface to send the computer code between your computer and the machines controller. We recommend trying Easel software which combines all 3 into 1 solution and is free to use. You can visit