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TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi

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Quick overview

TurtleBot3 is a small, low cost, fully programmable, ROS­ based mobile robot. It is intended to be used for education, research, hobby and product prototyping.


AI Research Starts Here

ROS Official Platform

TurtleBot3 is a new generation mobile robot that's modular, compact and customizable. Let's explore ROS and create exciting applications for education, research and product development.



World's Most Popular ROS Platform

TurtleBot is the world's most popular open source robot for education and research.

Modular Actuator

Modular Actuator

Easy to assemble, maitain, replace and reconfigure


Affordable Cost

TurtleBot is the most affordable platform for education, prototyping, research and development

OpenSource Software

Open Source Software

With a huge vareity of open source software you can modify downloaded source code and share it with your friends

Small size

Small Size

Imagine the TurtleBot in your backpack. Take it anywhere!

open source hardware

Open Source Hardware

From schematics to PCB gerber files, BOM and 3D Cad data, everything is open source.



Extend ideas beyond imagination with various SBC, sensor, motor and flexible structure.

strong sensors

Strong sensor lineups

With the mass produced RaspberryPi, enhanced 360º LIDAR, 9-Axis inertial measurement unit and precise encoders.

Main Components



Items Waffle Pi Burger
Maximum Translational Velocity 0.26 m/s 0.22 m/s
Maximum Rotational Velocity 1.82 rad/s (104.27 deg/s) 2.84 rad/s (162.72 deg/s)
Maximum Payload 30 kg 15 kg
Size (L x W x H) 281 mm x 306 mm x 141 mm 138 mm x 178 mm x 192 mm
Weight (+ SBC + Battery + Sensors) 1.8 kg 1 kg
Operation Time About 2 hours About 2h30min
Charging Time About 2h30min About 2h30min
DYNAMIXEL XM430-W210-T XL430-W250-T
SBC Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3
Embedded Controller OpenCR (32-bit ARM Cortex-M7) OpenCR (32-bit ARM Cortex-M7)
Sensors Raspberry Pi Camera
360º LiDAR
3-Axis Gyroscope
3-Axis accelerometer
3-Axis magnetormeter
360º LiDAR
3-Axis Gyroscope
3-Axis accelerometer
3-Axis magnetormeter
turtlebot3 pi dimentions

Main Functions







Application functions



Autonomous Driving

autonomous driving

Package Contents

Raspberry Pi 3, OpenCR, waffle-plate, wheel, tire, lidar lds-01, li-po battery, xm430, bluetooth, remote-controller, camera, bracket, screws

NOTE: This item includes Lithium Batteries, please read the battery precautions on the battery product page.

EAN / UPC: 8809052932831
Manufacturer part No: 901-0119-201