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SparkfunWe are one of the first Authorised Sparkfun Distributor in the UK. As SparkFun UK distributors we stock a huge range of SparkFun items – boards; modules; individual components; kits; and of course development boards including the Arduino, the Netduino and the SparkFun Redboard. Simply choose your desired development platform and let your imagination run wild!

Do you need advice on how to use a SparkFun product? Give us a call or email us and we will spend time with you on the phone to check what best suits your needs.

Our catalog is syncronized every day with the SparkFun website data, if there's a new product in the SparkFun website it will automatically be added to our store.

As SparkFun has a huge catalog we are not able to keep everything in stock. On each SparkFun item that's not in stock, there's a message saying when our next order with them will be placed and, if you can wait,just place an order and it will be included in our next order from the USA.


We are currently ordering from SparkFun every 3 weeks however this time frame can be shortened if we have more orders for SparkFun products; the more you order, the less time you may need to wait for your items.