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Quick overview

Feel safe and secure with SOMFY smart alarm system. The smart alarm system that chases intruders away before they’ve even entered the premises.
  • Detection before a break-in
  • Control your home security with ease
  • A simplified installation
  • Allow your friends and neighbours to have access
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    The simple and effective connected wireless alarm

    Choose the only connected security system which is accessible to everyone, simple to install, updatable, and can be incorporated into daily life. Whether you have a house or an apartment, build the system you need.

    Detection before a break-in

    Thanks to its patented IntelliTAG® technology, the vibration and opening sensors can trigger the alarm before the intruder has entered.

    How do they do this? They are able to differentiate between a normal event (someone knocking at the door) and a break-in attempt (drill, crowbar).

    A simplified installation

    Anyone can install a Somfy Home Alarm. Our products are wireless and therefore require no drilling (with the exception of our outdoor siren, which needs to be extremely robust to guard against vandalism). Save yourself the inconvenience and costs of installation.

    Allow your friends and neighbours to have access

    You can give your friends, neighbours and family access to your system, enabling them to respond to problems if you are not available. Manage the user rights given to each person (alarm activation and deactivation, limited access to cameras if there is an alert, etc.)

    Control your home security with ease

    Control your system

    Activate and deactivate your alarm system easily, and know who is and isn’t at home.

    Improve your security with Smart Activation

    Your system allows you to activate and deactivate your wireless alarm.

    Know what is happening at home

    Monitor your home when you aren’t there.

    And there's more...

    Video surveillance

    Neighbourly security

    Protection and reliability

    Smart Home

    Enjoy optional, no obligation professional services Learn more about our security services

    With SomfyAroundTM technology, your system connects to your neighbour's system in the event of a power failure.

    Standalone with battery, self-protection mechanism, encrypted communications.

    TaHoma, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Works With Nest.

    Details & specifications

    With this comprehensive Somfy Home Alarm Pack, you can protect every nook and cranny in your house, because the motion detector and the three door and window sensors that come as standard immediately send a push message to your smartphone if there is a burglary. A loud siren goes off at the same time.

    The IntelliTAG™ is the only wireless door and window sensor that warns you if there is an attempted break-in BEFORE the intruders break in. In the process, it can recognise the difference between a ball bumping the door and the door being forced open.

    And what about your pets? With the smart motion detector, animals up to 25 kg can romp around and run past the camera without setting off the alarm.

    For your convenience, you get two special key fobs that you can use to switch the alarm on and off. Even better, as soon as you get close to your house, the system ‘sees’ that you’re standing in front of the door and is automatically switched off. Which is really useful if you happen to have your hands full.

    The Somfy Home Alarm can be expanded with a range of wireless accessories and sensors.



    Manufacturer part No: 2401497A