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  1. From: £3,356.67

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    LEO mobile robot is an intelligent mobile platform for teaching, research and competition among university users. It is a revolutionary product.LEO is of moderate size and can be flexibly deployed in the robot teaching laboratory.

    It can be easily integrated with a variety of robotic arms and sensors, and has good scalability.It supports the open source ROS robot operating system and provides a range of resources for ROS learning.

  2. Exc. VAT: £6,671.68 Inc. VAT: £8,006.02

    SMART Intelligent Mobile Platform(below abbreviation”SMART”) is the newest, high-standard and open ROS SLAM research platform developed by EAI. SMART is internally installed high-performance Slam navigation module, high-precised G4 lidar; it adopts the advanced dynamical suspension system which is featured by excellent stability and ground adaptation, advanced obstacle avoidance and navigation capability . It is very suitable to the SLAM research.