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  1. Exc. VAT: £364.17 Inc. VAT: £437.00
    The ROBOTIS Darwin MINI is a programmable miniaturized humanoid robot featuring 16 XL-320 Dynamixels (16 DOF), the OpenCM9.04 C, an Arduino-like open-source embedded controller featuring a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor, a 3D printable frame for robot customization, and Android/iOS smart device connectivity via BT-210 (Bluetooth 2.1) or BT-410 (BLE) Bluetooth modules.
  2. Vortex - A New Robot Teaches Kids About Coding (2 Pack) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £144.56 Inc. VAT: £173.47 £274.80

    Vortex is a revolutionary product for children. It is a smart and responsive robot that kids can play with and program. Using the Vortex and apps, kids can play different games, learn about robotics, and even create their own.

  3. Robotis - ROBOTIS DREAM Education Level 3 Kit Sale
    Exc. VAT: £70.98 Inc. VAT: £85.18 £96.30

    ROBOTIS DREAM Level 3 comes with the controller and teaches you the principles of servo motor control, usage of the touch sensor and IR sensors, and LED modules. This level will help you understand the flow chart to set up your ground work for programming.
  4. Robotis - DREAM Level 4 Kit [EN] Sale
    Exc. VAT: £70.98 Inc. VAT: £85.18 £96.30

    ROBOTIS DREAM LEVEL 4 provides more advanced teaching of robotics. Machine equipment such as LEDs and caterpillar wheels are introduced, and scientific principles such as energy transitions are taught. Additionally, many examples are provided, which will prepare you for robotics competitions.
  5. Exc. VAT: £36.42 Inc. VAT: £43.70
    ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETs is a friendly and colorful pet-themed robotics kit featuring a motorized control box that allows your children’s creations to come to life and move! The kit also features ROBOTIS’ patented rivet system, which allow creative minds to explore endlessly and build further on their creativity by coming up with new figures and designs.