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  1. Interested on this product? Call us on +442071837505 for more information

    This robust, reliable and flexible mobile platform offers a straightforward starting point for your next robotic device.

    For more information please contact us by phone on +442071837505 or by email [email protected]

  2. Interested on this product? Call us on +442071837505 for more information

    The latest addition to RoboSavvy’s Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) line.

    For more information please contact us by phone on +442071837505 or by email [email protected]

  3. Exc. VAT: £99.50 Inc. VAT: £119.40
    In many robotic applications it is a requirement to provide continuous power supply without having to reset the system when changing batteries or when switching between DC power supply and battery source. RoboSavvy HotSwap Power Board 1.0 is designed to provide continuous power to a robot allowing the interchangeable use of two DC power sources
  4. Exc. VAT: £23.92 Inc. VAT: £28.70

    A high precision tool holder for your Dewalt router


    Note: This collet is not compatible with the standard DeWalt collet nut, it requires a Precision Collet Nut.

  5. Exc. VAT: £2.92 Inc. VAT: £3.50
    30 degree engraving bit for wood, plastic and linoleum. Best for Cutting plastics, woods, and soft materials like linoleum
  6. Exc. VAT: £9.58 Inc. VAT: £11.50
    Convert X-Carve 2015 to X-Carve 2016 eccentric spacers
  7. Exc. VAT: £28.67 Inc. VAT: £34.40
    JTech - Shapeoko XL and XXL Mounting Kit, This is the mounting kit for the Shapeoko CNC system as seen in the instructions page. This kit includes everything needed to upgrade your Shapeoko XL and XXL system.
  8. Exc. VAT: £29.00 Inc. VAT: £34.80
    Magnetic Mounting Kits for the Quick Connect Laser Shroud. This SIDE mount will go on the side of the Dewalt 611 spindle holder and allow you to keep your entire dust boot on including the bottom portion of the boot.
  9. £560.00

    JTech - 7W Laser and 5amp Safety Compliant Driver Kit

    This laser can produce an Amazing 7W of power at 4amps!

    We verify our lasers with a Calibrated $5,000 Power Meter. Nobody else does this.

    Trust in the fact you are getting the most power available on the market today.

    Choose your power adapter region, North America or International Plugs.

  10. Exc. VAT: £33.42 Inc. VAT: £40.10

    This is the magnetic mounting kit for the X Carve machine as seen in the X Carve Instructions. The kit works with all old and new model X Carves as well as with Z axis upgrades.

    This mounts in front of the Spindle Holder to allow for an easier offset for the laser. The magnetic laser can be removed to allow for the Suckit or Inventables dust boot to be used. No need to remove your side rails to use the laser.

    The kit includes:

    1. Printed Magnetic Laser Mount for the Dewalt spindle holder. 2. Mounting Screws 3. Molex mini fit Jr cable 4. Laser and Fan Extension Cords 5. Zip Ties