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ROBOTIS Servo Motor SM-10

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Quick overview

This motor is used in OLLO by the CM-100 and can be controlled by controlling the port.

ROBOTIS Servo Motor SM-10

- This motor is used in OLLO by the CM-100 and can be controlled by controlling the port.

- By setting to rotation mode, users can make it move like the OLLO Geared Motor OGM-10. By setting it to joint mode and setting the rotation speed (strength) and position value, users can enable it to move as well.

- Used to move joints or steering device or to maintain a certain angle.


Weight 16g
Dimensions 18 x 36 x 27mm(with Horn)
Gear Ratio 195:1
Speed 57RPM(at 3V)
Position Sensor POT
Safety Device Clutch Installed


Servo Motor 1 set
5 Pin Cable 1 set

About the Robotis - CM-100A Controller

This OLLO controller can be assembled onto any other OLLO parts using rivet connection.
The controller can be programmed using the Roboplus Graphical Software suite from Robotis..

An IR Sensor, Buzzer and MIC are embedded in the controller and additional extension ports make it convenient to add on other devices.

You will need the LN-101 USB Downloader (sold separately) to program this controller.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Weight: 22g
  • Dimension: 345 x 247 x 48mm
  • Operation Voltage: 2~3.5V / Recommended 3V(AA or LR x 2)
  • Power Swtich: 1 set
  • IR Sensor: 3 direction/ total 3 groups loaded
  • Sound Sensor: Embedded
  • Power Connector: 2 sets
  • Geared Motor Port: 2 sets
  • Multi-purpose Port: 2 sets
  • Communication Port: 1 set (Connects to LN 101 USB Downloader, ZIG-110A or BT-110A)

Compatible Products:

  • Motor: Geared Motor (Max 2 sets), OLLO Servo Motor
  • Sensor: IR Sensor OIS-10, Touch Sensor OTS-10
  • Wireless Communcation: IR Receiver OIR-10 (IR wireless control), ZIG-110A or BT-110A (RF wireless control)
  • Downloader : USB Downloader LN-101

** This Controller is designed for the OLLO line of products and is not compatible with Bioloid or Dynamixel.

EAN / UPC: 8809052937232
Manufacturer part No: 902-0017-001