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Robotis - Dynamixel RX-28 Servo

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Quick overview

Robotis - Dynamixel RX-28 Servo HN07-N101

Robotis - Dynamixel RX-28 Servo HN07-N101

Robotis RX line of Dynamixel Serial servos is designed for high end Robotics applications offering great reliability (with Full Metal Gears), High torque and High Speeds (in this RX-24F version).

The servos have RS485 Daisy Chain serial interface for reliable communication and include a protocol with several Compliance and Status parameters that can be queried and configured at speeds up to 1Mbps.

The RX-28 is the Higher Torque version compared to the RX-24F. RX-24 and RX-28 have the same exterior size and shape as well as communication

RX24F/RX-28 Comparison Charts

The "Option Frames" are available on order from RoboSavvy. Please contact for information and orders.


  • High Speed and Very High Torque
  • Full Metal gears
  • Dual ball bearing
  • Maxon Motor
  • RS-485 communication
  • Rear Pivot mount for superior support 
  • Four 2.5mm mounting holes allowing servo to be mounted positively


  • 1pc of RX-28 Dynamixel
  • 1pc of Wire
  • 1pc of Metal Horn
  • Misc Hardware
  • Instruction manual

Specifications (General Tolerance of 1mm and 5g applies)

  • Torque : 28.3 @ 12V (37.7 @ 16V) 
  • Speed : 0.167 seconds / 60 Degrees @ 12V (0.126 seconds / 60 Degrees @ 16V)
  • Length : 50.6mm
  • Breadth : 35.6mm
  • Height : 35.5mm
  • Weight : 72 grams
  • Operating Angle : 360 Deg
  • Operating Voltage : 11-12V
  • Gear Ration :  1 : 193

Compatible Products

  • Controller: CM-2+, CM-700
  • Interface(I/F): USB2Dynamixel
  • Horn: RX-24F/RX-28 HN07-N101 Set, RX-24F/RX-28 HN07-T101 Set, RX-24F/RX-28 HN07-I101 Set
  • Frame: RX-24F/RX-28 FR07-H101 Set, RX-24F/RX-28 FR07-S101 Set, RX-24F/RX-28 FR07-B101K Set, RX-24F/RX-28 FR07-F101K Set, RX-24F/RX-28 FR07-X101K Set

Complete Specifications and Manual

Compatible horns and frames

EAN / UPC: 8809052930097
Manufacturer part No: 902-0007-001