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Robotis - CM-2+ Controller (RS485 + TTL Dynamixel Servos)

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Quick overview

Robotis - CM-2+ Controller (supports RS485 and TTL Dynamixel Servos)

Robotis - CM-2+ Controller (supports RS485 and TTL Dynamixel Servos)

The CM-2+ is the first Robotis controller to support both RS-485 and TTL Dynamixel Servos enabling control of all Dynamixel Series.
You may also link the AX-S1 with the DX / RX-series Dynamixels.

Kit Contents:

  • CM-2+ : 1 set
  • Serial Cable BSC-10: 1 set

Please note the CM2+ is a Robotis classic controller and does not support Roboplus; it should support all other methods of programming including WinAVR C. (you should use the CM-700 instead if you require Roboplus compatibility)

H/W Specifications

  • CPU : Atmega-128(128Kbyte Flash memory)
  • Fuse to protect from Power Surges
  • Operating Voltage: 7V~18V
  • 3 Pin Connector for AX series : 1 set (TTL Communication)
  • 4 Pin Connector for DX/RX Series : 8 set(RS-485 Communication)
  • ZIG-100 (Wireless Communication Module) Connector
  • LED : TX, RX, AUX
  • RS-232C Serial Port (For PC Connection)
  • 5 Input Buttons (Up, Down, Right, Left, START)
  • 1 Reset Button / Mode Button


  • Dynamixel : AX-Series, DX-Series, RX-Series

Supported Combinations of Dynamixel Series:

  • Dynamixel AX-S1 + AX-12+
  • Dynamixel AX-S1 + DX / RX-series
  • Downloader : BIOLOID Serial Cable BSC-10