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Quick overview

The BT-210 is a product that uses Bluetooth communication to enable serial communication(UART).


The BT-210 is a product that uses Bluetooth communication to enable serial communication(UART).

The BT-210 covers the circuit with a case to protect it, and it uses a connector-type cable to install on a robot and RC-100B. You can control your robot without any problems even when the infrared control condition is not optimal such as in a robot competition.

The SLAVE module can be used when controlling the robot from a device that supports Bluetooth communication such as a smartphone, tablet PC or notebook.


The MASTER module and the SLAVE module are divided – MASTER module for the transmitter; SLAVE module for the robot. When first released and purchased, the two modules are paired so there is no need for a separate ID setting procedure. If either of the components is lost, you will have to purchase the BT-210 (Product code 902-0076-000) for pairing.

Directions for pairing can be found in our E-manual. Click to refer to directions for pairing.

The initial Pin Code when released from factory is 0000. Use this when connecting to the Bluetooth device(SLAVE). When a change is needed, please refer to the link above. However, OpenCM-9.04 or A C-type controller is required.


Wireless Communication Module BT-210 (120mm cable included) QTY: 2


Weight 4.51g
Dimensions 18mm x 30mm x 9.1mm
Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth Specification 2.1 Support
Effective Communication Distance 10 M(Class 2)
Frequency Range 2.4 GHz ISM Band
Bandwidth MAX 250kbps
Basic Transmission Speed 57600bps
Sensitivity -81dBm (Typical)
Transmit Power 4dBm(Typical)
Bluetooth Profile Support SPP (Serial Port Profile)
Working Voltage 3.3V
Electric Current Used 48mA (Max)
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Transmission Speed 1,200bps – 400,000bps
Antenna Chip Antenna
Interface UART (3.3V Level)


Controller : CM-100A, CM-530 -> Wireless control, wireless download possible

CM-510, CM-700, CM-900 -> Wireless control possible (firmware update required)

Remote Control : RC-100B (Please refer to comparison table below)


Installation not supported

-Remote Control : RC-100, RC-100A

- Controller : CM-100, CM-5, CM-2+

[Link to e-manual]

EAN / UPC: 8809052930240
Manufacturer part No: 902-0122-000