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RoboSavvy - Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Value Upgrade Kit

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Exc. VAT: £197.50 Inc. VAT: £197.50



Quick overview

RoboSavvy - Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Value Upgrade Kit

Included in the bundle

1 x Robotis - BIOLOID FP04-F51/F52 Set
1 x BIOLOID Skin FP04-F56/F57/F58/F59 Set
1 x Robotis - FP04-F54 4pcs (Ollo frames for Premium)
1 x Robotis - OLLO IR Receiver OIR-10
1 x Robotis - Bioloid FP04-F53 4pcs
1 x Robotis - DYNAMIXEL Cable Holder FP04-F55 20pcs
1 x Robotis - RC-100B Remote
1 x Robotis - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10
1 x 2S/3S LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10
1 x Robotis - Gyro Sensor GS-12
1 x Robotis - Infrared DMS Sensor DMS-80
1 x Robotis - CM-530 Controller (Bioloid & AX, MX Servos)

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Price as configured:
Exc. VAT: £197.50 Inc. VAT: £197.50


Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Value Upgrade Kit

RoboSavvy is proud to bring you a Value Upgrade to all the proud owners of Bioloid Comprehensive Kits out there!

The Comprehensive to PREMIUM Value upgrade pack focus on the essential bringing you the all new looks of the PREMIUM Kit (Chest Cover, New Head) as well as the latest technology: CM-530 Controller, LiPo battery and Charger, Sharp IR and Gyro Sensors and an RC100 Remote.
With the upgrade from CM-510 to the new CM-530 this kit has now become even better.

This will bring your Bioloid Comprehensive Kit up to Speed with the greatest and latest from Robotis!

Key Features

RC-100 Remote and IR Receiver

Ready to run Task Code and Motion Code

CM-530 with LiPo Battery and 5x A/D Ports

The CM-530 supports adding any up to 5x third party Analogue Sensors (0-5V) or DIO device. In addition, the CM-530 Controller features native USB connection to the PC.

Human-like Exterior Shell (Chest and Head) in Transparent ABS Plastic.

The shell can be painted or customized at user discretion. (the image on the left is a Suggestion of Customization; actual parts are Transparent)

LiPo Battery and Charger + DMS 80 Sharp IR Distance Sensor are also included in the pack.


Kit Contents

This Value Upgrade Kit focuses on offering the Best Value for Money. Therefore the Remote Control on this Kit communicates with the Robot over IR; we also didn't include the USB2Dynamixel and the 2 extra IR sensors (not Sharp) that come with the PREMIUM kit (these 2 sensors are not part of the Humanoid assembly anyway).
If you'd like to have Full Extras we offer the Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Pro Upgrade Kit.

  • 1x BIOLOID Chest Frame (FP04-F51/F52 Set)
  • 1x BIOLOID Skin - Chest Cover and Head (FP04-FP56,/F57/F58/F59 Set)
  • 1x BIOLOID FP04-FP54 4pcs (for assembling the receiver in the Head)
  • 1x BIOLOID FP04-F53 4pcs
  • 1x DYNAMIXEL Cable Holder FP04-F55 20pcs (inc. 40x S1 PHS M2*4 TAP K bolts)
  • 1x Robotis RC100 Remote
  • 1x DMS Sensor DMS-80 (Sharp IR Distance Sensor 10-80cm)
  • 1x Gyro Sensor GS-12
  • 1x Robotis RC100 Remote
  • 1x Robotis IR Receiver (the Value Upgrade Pack includes IR Wireless Remote control; if you wish, you may upgrade to Zigbee Wireless Control by purchasing the Zig-110A set)
  • 1xRobotis - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10

Documentation and Downloads


  • The SMPS (the Power Adaptor) included with your Comprehensive kit is compatible with the CM-530 controller. It should also be used to charge the LiPo batteries (to power the LiPo Charger).
  • The AX-S1 sensor from your Comprehensive kit is still compatible with the upgraded Robot (and CM530 controller): you can use it instead of the Transparent head if you like it better :)
  • The Serial Cable is no longer needed: the CM-530 comes with native USB connection to the PC and a USB cable is included.


  • This Upgrade Kit is compatible with Bioloid Comprehensive Kits