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RoboSavvy - Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Pro Upgrade Kit

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Exc. VAT: £275.33 Inc. VAT: £275.33



Quick overview

RoboSavvy - Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Pro Upgrade Kit

Included in the bundle

1 x Robotis - BIOLOID FP04-F51/F52 Set
1 x BIOLOID Skin FP04-F56/F57/F58/F59 Set
1 x Robotis - FP04-F54 4pcs (Ollo frames for Premium)
1 x Robotis - Bioloid FP04-F53 4pcs
1 x Robotis - DYNAMIXEL Cable Holder FP04-F55 20pcs
1 x Robotis - RC-100B Remote
1 x Robotis - ZIG-110A Set
1 x 2S/3S LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10
1 x Robotis - Gyro Sensor GS-12
1 x Robotis - Infrared DMS Sensor DMS-80
1 x Robotis - CM-530 Controller (Bioloid & AX, MX Servos)
1 x Robotis - Robot Cable-5P 400mm 4pcs
2 x IR Sensor IRSS-10
2 x Robotis - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10

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Price as configured:
Exc. VAT: £275.33 Inc. VAT: £275.33


RoboSavvy - Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Pro Upgrade Kit

RoboSavvy is proud to bring you a Pro Upgrade to all the proud owners of Bioloid Comprehensive Kits out there!

The Comprehensive to PREMIUM Pro upgrade pack brings you the Full novelties of the PREMIUM Kit: new Exterior Shell (Chest Cover, New Head), latest technology: CM530 Controller, LiPo battery and Charger, Sharp IR and Gyro Sensors complete with Full Extras including an RC100A + Zig110A Zigbee module and 2x OIS-10 IR Sensors.
With the upgrade from CM-510 to the new CM-530 this kit has now become even better.

This will bring your Bioloid Comprehensive Kit up to Speed with the greatest and latest from Robotis!

Key Features:

GS-20 Gyro for Stabilization of the Walk

RC-100Z Remote with Zigbee Wireless Communication (Zig110 Set)

Ready to run Task Code and Motion Code is available and includes support for Remote Control and Gyro.

CM-530 with LiPo Battery and 5x A/D Sensor Ports

The CM-530 supports adding any up to 5x third party Analogue Sensors (0-5V) or DIO device.
In addition, the CM-530 Controller features native USB connection to the PC.

Human Like Exterior Shell

Human-like Exterior Shell (Chest and Head) in Transparent ABS Plastic.

The shell can be painted or customized at user discretion.
(the image on the left is a Suggestion of Customization; actual parts are Transparent)

2x LiPo Batteries and Charger + DMS 80 Sharp IR Distance Sensor + 2x IR Sensor OIS-10 are also included in the pack.


Kit Contents:

The Pro Upgrade Kit brings you all the features of the PREMIUM Kit, bringing the Accessories of your Bioloid up-to-par with everything included in an original PREMIUM Kit.
This includes all extras such as the Zig-110 Zigbee Pair, one extra LiPo Battery and the 2x IR Sensors OIS-10 (not present on the Bioloid Comprehensive to PREMIUM Value Upgrade Kit)

  • 1x BIOLOID Chest Frame (FP04-F51/F52 Set)
  • 1x BIOLOID Skin - Chest Cover and Head (FP04-FP56,/F57/F58/F59 Set)
  • 1x BIOLOID FP04-FP54 4pcs (for assembling the receiver in the Head)
  • 1x BIOLOID FP04-F53 4pcs
  • 1x DYNAMIXEL Cable Holder FP04-F55 20pcs (inc. 40x S1 PHS M2*4 TAP K bolts)
  • 1x Robotis CM-530 Controller (incl. USB cable)
  • 1x DMS Sensor DMS-80 (Sharp IR Distance Sensor 10-80cm)
  • 1x Gyro Sensor GS-12
  • 2x Infrared Sensor OIS-10*
  • 4x 5P-15 Cables for OIS-10 or custom sensors*
  • 1x Robotis RC100A Remote
  • 1x Zig110A Set for RC100 Zigbee Wireless Remote Control*
  • 2x Robotis - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10*
    (The Pro Upgrade Pack includes one extra LiPo Battery for a total of 2 batteries)

* Extras included specifically with the Pro Upgrade Kit (when compared
   to the Value Upgrade Kit).

Documentation and Downloads:


  • The SMPS (the Power Adaptor) included with your Comprehensive kit is compatible with the CM-530 controller. It should also be used to charge the LiPo batteries (to power the LiPo Charger).
  • The AX-S1 sensor from your Comprehensive kit is still compatible with the upgraded Robot (and CM530 controller): you can use it instead of the Transparent head if you like it better :)
  • The Serial Cable is no longer needed: the CM-530 comes with native USB connection to the PC and a USB cable is included.


  • This Upgrade Kit is compatible with Bioloid Comprehensive Kits