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Robobuilder RBC-NYN Controller with Acceleration Sensor

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Quick overview

Robobuilder RBC-NYN Controller with Acceleration Sensor

Robobuilder RBC-NYN Controller with Acceleration Sensor

This model (RBC-NYN) is the Main Robobuilder Controller and comes with the Acceleration Sensor built in (so no need for manual soldering if you want to get an Acceleration Sensor in your Robobuilder!)

This is the same controller that ships by default with Robobuilder 5720T Robots.
It also fully compatible with the 5710K (the Black version) and also the Robobuilder 5710K-E02 (Beginner Kit).

Technical Specifications:

  • ATMEGA 128 with Robobuilder Firmware.
    Programmable in multiple programming environments/options: Graphical Programming, .Net, Microsoft Robotics Development Studio and WinAVR C.
  • 2 push buttons
  • 1 built in microphone for Sound Detection
  • Ready for Bluetooth: just plug in the Bluetooth module. (see "Related Items" bellow)
  • 6 connectors for wCK servos. Up to 253 servos supported.
  • 1 Connector for Head Sensor
  • 1 Battery Included (8.4V)
  • Tri-Axial Acceleration Sensor included in the box.
    Acceleration measurement in X, Y and Z axis ranging from -7 to 7; 1 means 1/4g



  • Robobuilder 5710K Robot Kit
  • Robobuilder 5720T Robot Kit
  • Robobuilder 5710K-E02 Beginner Kit

This is a typical application for the Acceleration Sensor.
In this sample, an ActionBuilder program is used to make the Robot get up when it falls. The robot is also capable of knowing whether it is on it's back or on it's belly.
More advanced behaviours can be achieved using different Programming Environments for Robobuilder.