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Robobuilder Hip Pivot Full Kit (incl. 2 x wCK 1111)

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Quick overview

Robobuilder Hip Pivot Full Kit (incl. 2x wCK 1111 servos)

Robobuilder Hip Pivot Full Kit (incl. 2x wCK 1111 servos)

The Hip Pivot Kit adds two additional DOF to the Robobuilder Kit.
The two additional servos are applied in the Hip, allowing the Robot to rotate the legs left and right.

This SKU is for the Metal Brackets + Metal Joint #12 + Two additional wCK 1111 plus a set of Metal Gears number 1 for wCK 1111.

Customized Motion Files for 18 DOF:
To take advantage of the 2 additional DOF you will need to set the Robot to Custom Platform and develop your custom motion files.
To do this, set Motion Builder to platform "Creator Other" and set your Robobuilder to "Custom Platform" mode. Sample Motion files to get you started are available here and here. Please reffer to the our forum post for more information.


Front View and Back View of Robobuilder with Hip Pivot Kit.

Kit Contents:

  • 2x Metal Brackets for Hip Assembly
  • 2x Metal Joints #12 w/ nuts and bolts.
  • 2x wCK 1111
    With the servos, the following additional items are included:
      2x Metal Gear 1 for wCK 1111

Assembly Information:

Assembly instructions are available here: Mtl_Brackets_Assembly_20DOF.pdf
Please note these assembly instructions are for a 20 DOF robot. For the assembly of the Hip Pivot kit, we'll only focus on part of the manual above:

  • Follow steps 5 to 17 ONLY.

  • You will need to reprogram the 2 additional servos to ID 16 & 17.
    To reprogram the ID of the servos, please follow the instructions available here HowToChange_wCK_ID__English.pdf 

  • For programming motions using the 18 DoF please reffer to the our Forum Post


  • Robobuilder 5710K
  • Robobuilder 5720T