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RoboBuilder 5720T Bluetooth Edition

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Quick overview

The Robobuilder 5720T Blue Edition is the big brother of the RQ-HUNO: it is taller, includes stronger servos ( and, more sensors and more assembly options. 

The special Red Metal Chest identify its Very Special, High End feature set including Bluetooth, Acceleration, Distance and Sound Sensors!

Included in the bundle

1 x Robobuilder - 5720T-A03 Version A03 (w/Dist+Acc Se   +£450.08 (+£540.10 Inc. VAT)
1 x USB to RS232 Converter - 6ft   +£13.67 (+£16.40 Inc. VAT)
1 x 1m Black UK 5 Amp to IEC C13 connector   +£3.83 (+£4.60 Inc. VAT)

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RoboBuilder 5720T Bluetooth Edition

The Robobuilder 5720T Blue Edition is the big brother of the RQ-HUNO: it is taller, includes stronger servos ( and, more sensors and more assembly options.

The special Red Metal Chest identify its Very Special, High End feature set including Bluetooth, Acceleration, Distance and Sound Sensors!

The inclusion of Bluetooth enables complete Wireless capabilities: Wireless programming, Wireless Control and an Android Application that lets you Remote Control the Robot from your Android Phone or Tablet!

The full Transparent Shell on the actuators offer an insight to the inner working of the Actuators. Furthermore, the two-colour LEDs built into each Actuator offer Quick Visual Diagnostics and a dynamic look: you can Choreograph not only the moves but also the looks of your Robot using the LEDs!

As a Robotic platform, RoboBuilder offers a very smooth learning curve with Easy Assembly and Visual Programming Tools for Beginners (including Microsoft Robotics Studio and Visual programming).
Advanced users can take advantage of the .Net programming libraries, Serial Control Protocol (offloading control to a PC) or use WinAVR to build your own Firmware Code (multiple Official and Open Source variants are available to get you started).

RoboBuilder Features:

Multiple Robot Shapes

The RoboBuilder 5720T comes with 16 Actuators (DoF) and can be built into a variety of shapes. By default it can be built into a Humanoid, a Dinosaur or a Quadpod (Dog) but with the joint-assembly system you can quickly redesign and prototype a robot into any shape you can imagine.
With the Hexapod Extension Kit you get 2 extra DoF enabling the assembly of a Hexapod.

Joint Assembly System for Easy and  Reliable Assembly

The patented Joint Assembly System allows for rapid assembly of the Robot (ideal for Beginners), while being robust enough to handle the most demanding motions.
It also enables rapid prototyping of other robot shapes, ideal for experimenting and extending the Robot.

Transparent Shell and Actuators

The Transparent Shell and Actuators let you see the inside and the inner working of the Actuators and the Robot. Check out all the gears spinning as the robot moves!

In addition each Actuator includes two-colour LEDs (Red and Blue) which offer Quick Visual Diagnostics of the Daisy Chain bus (you can quickly find any disconnected wire) and its colours can also be programmed to react as the Robot moves.

With the 5720T Bluetooth Edition you can choreograph not only the Moves but also the Looks

Sensorial: Distance Sensor + Acceleration Sensor + Sound Sensor

The RoboBuilder comes with a Built in Microprocessor and can be fitted with 3 different types of Sensors: Sound Detection, Distance Sensing / Obstacle Detection and Acceleration Sensor (detecting Gravity).

This 5720Tincludes the Full Sensor Pack (all 3 sensors): the Sound Sensor will detect Loud Sounds, the Distance Sensor will let you avoid obstacles while the Acceleration Sensor detects when your Robot falls.

5720T Robots are also capable of automatically getting up whenever they detect falling (just press "#" + STOP to enable "Auto get up mode") or you can write your own custom behaviours to react to sensorial input.

Behaviours depending on Sensorial input can vary from waiving at people passing, walking around avoiding obstacles, reacting to Loud Sounds, etc. These can be created using multiple tools available (from Beginner to Advanced): the User Friendly ActionBuilder software for Beginners and for Advanced user the .Net Libraries and Serial Control Protocol.

Wireless Remote Control

The 5720T Bluetooth Edition includes the Standard IR Remote Control plus a Bluetooth Module which lets you Remote Control the Robot using your Android Device.
The Robot includes Ready to Run Motions out of the Box so you can immediately start using it after completing assembly.
In addition you can also add your own Motions and Behaviours that can be Activated and Controlled with the IR Remote or Android Device.

In order to Remote Control this Bluetooth Edition using your Android Device you need to Download the Free Remote Control App available on Android Market.

Furthermore, with the Bluetooth module Beginners can program the Robot and use Microsoft Robotics Development Studio Wirelessly while Advanced users can make use of the Serial Control Protocol and .Net Libraries without needing to connect any cable. (all Serial Communications will Transparently flow over Bluetooth SPP profile)

Programing environments

Microsoft Robotics Studio Visual Programming Language
WinAVR C Smooth Learning Curve with Multiple Programming Options

For Beginners

The Robot comes Pre Programmed and Ready to Run out of the box. As soon as you complete the Assembly you can start using the Robot with the pre defined motions.

Additionally, you can add new Motions and New behaviours (Sensorial Reactions) using the easy to use Graphical Tools:

  • MotionBuilder is used to create and add new moves to the robot using a simple "catch-and-play" system.
  • ActionBuilder is a friendly graphical tool for Beginners to create simple behaviours (avoid obstacles, get up after falling, etc.).
  • Microsoft Robotics Development Studio:
    Use the comprehensive RoboBuilder MSRDS Manual for Step by Step Guides about using the Powerful Visual Programming Language to perform Advanced Applications:
    • React to Voice Commands
    • Control the Robot from your Computer / Keyboard
    • Control the Robot with your Gamepad, and much more.

For Advanced Users

  • RBC Serial Protocol* (for Controlling and Querying the Robot Sensors and Actuators in Real Time)
    With the RBC Serial Protocol you can write control Logic for the Robot in practically any Language on the PC (Ruby, Python, PHP, ...).
    The Robot and the PC communicate in Real Time making it possible to write a full Control Cycle with an external processor/device very easily.: Query the Robot Sensors and Actuator Position and Send back Motion and Actuator Commands*
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Libraries*
    Choose form the MSRDS libraries or the Open Source .Net Libraries Developed by our Community that let you create a Full Control Loop on the PC.
    These libraries encapsulate the RBC Serial Protocol (above) in a Convenient and Easy to use Library*
  • BASIC Interpreter: Alternative Firmware for RoboBuilder that let's you program the Robot in BASIC.
  • WinAVR C: Sample Firmware Code is available from RoboBuilder and multiple Open Source Alternative Firmware Versions developed by the Community are also available.
    (The options marked with '*' mean the Robot and the computer will interact in real time; you can use the included cable or upgrade to Bluetooth for wireless communication)

Advanced Technology

The RoboBuilder is equipped with the RBC Control Box (ATMEGA128 based) capable of storing and playing Motion Files and Action Files and providing a Comprehensive Serial Control Protocol for scenarios where you require interaction and control from an External MCU (such as the PC).

All Actuators use PID Control and are connected via a Daisy Chain Serial bus, offering both reliable control and easy assembly and extensions. The Robots can be extended up to a maximum of 253 Actuators using this mechanism.

For Advanced users (Hackers), each Actuator includes 1x Analogue port and 2x DIO ports Controlled and Queried via the Serial Protocol (on the 5720T the DIO ports are occupied by the LEDs). These can be used to connect Additional Sensors or DIO devices to the Robot. In addition the I2C port on the main controller can be re-used for adding I2C devices (you'll need an Alternative Open Source Firmware (DCMP) or WinAVR C; See resource bellow)

Accessories and Extension Kits for Customizing your Robot

Customize and Extend your RoboBuilder to push it further and get more out of your robot:

RoboBuilder DEMO
RoboBuilder Presentation
Using the Acceleration Sensor to detect Falling and Automatically get up.
Advanced Use: Using the RBC Protocol to control RoboBuilder using Ruby.


Resources for Beginners:

Resources for Advanced Users:

Kit contents:

  • 1x RBC-NYN Intelligent Controller Box
  • 12x wCK-1108 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 8
    • 1x A/D port + 2x DIO ports for Expansion (DIO ports used/occupied by LEDs)
    • Main Output Gear in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 4x wCK-1111 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 11
    • 1x A/D port + 2x DIO ports for Expansion (DIO ports used/occupied by LEDs)
    • Main Output Gear + 2 Intermediate Gears in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 1x Sharp Infrared Distance Sensor (inside the Robot Head)
  • 1x Triaxial Acceleration Sensor
  • 1x Sound Sensor (inside the Controller Box)
  • 1x IR Remote Controller
  • 1x Bluetooth Module for Wireless Communication*
  • 1x Red metal Chest*
  • 11x Misc. Body parts (7 types)
  • 39x Plastic Joint parts (12 types)
  • 1 set of Nuts & Bolts
  • 20x wCK Module Cable
  • 1x 220V Power Supply
  • 1x User Guide Book
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x RS-232 cable for PC communication

* The Accessories marked in with '*' are part of the RoboSavvy Editions

This product is based on the Robobuilder 5720T-A03. RoboSavvy has worked with Robobuilder to include several additional features and build this Bluetooth Edition.
Please follow this link for an extended introduction and hardware and feature overview of the Robobuilder platform.