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Netfabb Professional

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Quick overview

Netfabb Studio Professional

Netfabb Studio Professional

Netfabb Professional is designed for users of 3D Printing, Scanning and other additive manufacturing technologies.
It is designed to
address the challenges posed by models in the STL or other triangular file formats. It's the efficient tool for easily cleaning, aligning and optimizing the meshes of your model, ensuring your models will print accurately and reliably.


Triangle meshes are a common solution for many applications dealing with solid models. Thanks to this simple concept, the STL format has become an easily adaptable standard for exchanging three-dimensional files. However, there are recurring issues concerning the quality of STL models that affect the quality and reliability of 3D prints.

These may result from the conversion of CAD data, inaccurate Scans or from construction errors. netfabb Studio Professional offers efficient solutions to save time and money, such as:

Closing gaps and holes
Creation of shells and hollow parts

Geometry Editing

Cutting and Trimming

Surface Healing

Self-Intersections Removal

Feature Extraction

Wall Extrusion

Boolean Operations

Surface Smoothing

Triangle Reduction and Net Refinement

When you prepare build jobs for your machine, an advanced software becomes indispensible to save time and improve machine stability. While alternative software is often more expensive than the widespread office printers themselves, netfabb Studio Professional will be profitable within weeks.

Features specifically designed for 3D printing include:
Build Setup Part Alignment

Collision detection

Part Inspection and Quality Assurance

Automatic Part Placement

Repair Automation Spreadsheed Export

Upgrade with Business Tools and Engines:

netfabb Studio Professional is at the center of a wide range of products offered by netfabb. (CAD Import, Business Editions, ...)
These tools combined cover all you needs for successful 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

By combining netfabb's Professional Tools or Engines you can get a software package adjusted exactly to your needs. For pricing and information on all available Editions and Modules please Contact our Sales Team.