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Makerbot - Cool Gray PLA 1.75mm 0.22Kg - 3D Printing Filament

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Quick overview

MakerBot PLA Filament is the best and most consistent filament for the MakerBot 3D Printers.

Makerbot - Cool Gray PLA 1.75mm 0.9Kg - 3D Printing Filament

MakerBot PLA Filament is the best and most consistent filament for the MakerBot 3D Printers.

This plastic is compatible with the Makerbot Replicator 2, Replicator Mini, Replicator 5th Gen and also the Replicator Z18

MakerBot PLA Filament is a bioplastic derived from corn. It's guaranteed not to have any heavy metals, phthalates or BPA.

Every filament color is comprehensively quality tested at both 100-micron and 200-micron layer resolutions on MakerBot machines to verify that the filament will perform every feature that MakerBot MakerWare software offers and reliably slice and print every type of printing.

If you're new to 3D printing, MakerBot PLA Filament is a good material to start with because it's easy to use and performs well on most prints.

MakerBot PLA Filament adheres well to acrylic and to blue painter's tape. Prints with a large bottom layer may have a tendency to curl. To prevent curling, use rafts.

Store MakerBot PLA Filament in a cool, dry place as it can absorb moisture from the air and long-term exposure to humidity can compromise filament quality and performances.

Be sure your build plate is level, clean and oil-free before printing.

Technical Specifications

  • Temperatures
    • Glass Temp: 60~65° C (140~149° F)
    • Melting Temp: 150~160° C (302~320° F)
    • Nozzle Temp: 230° C (446° F)
  • Dimensions & Weights
    • Spool Diameter: 15.0 cm (5.90 in)
    • Spool Width: 4 cm (1.57 in)
    • Spool Hub Hole: 5.08 cm (2 in)
    • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Shipping weight: 0.45 Kg (1 lb)
    • Net Weight: 0.22 Kg (0.5 lb)