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KHR-1 Humanoid Robot Kit + RoBoard embedded 1Ghz Linux board

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Quick overview

KHR-1 Humanoid Robot Kit + RoBoard embedded 1Ghz Linux board

KHR-1 Humanoid Robot Kit + RoBoard embedded 1Ghz Linux board

We have received some boxes of the original KHR-1 humanoid robot kit. This is the kit that started the hobby humanoid robot revolution. We are selling this kit only in combination with the RoBoard 100 embedded X86 computer board at a very special price.

The RoBoard is compatible with the KHR-1 robot

  • Size fits the back of the robot
  • Mounting holes fit the robot
  • The RoBoard has 24 PWM 3-pin servo control pins tested to work with the KHR-1 servos

“The KHR-1 from Kondo is one of Japan's most well known and highly respected robots designed for Robo-One robotic martial arts competition. It has debuted countless times on Japanese and Korean television networks, making it one of the most highly publicized robots ever. The KHR-1 is made with the highest quality digital servos and electrical components, and requires little to no post configuration, other than user defined programming. Designed as a high performance humanoid robot, it is capable of emulating human like movements such as walking, climbing stairs, back flips and can even pull itself up from a lying, or seated position.”

KHR-1 Kit Content:

  • 17 x KRS-786 ICS Digital Servos
    • Double-sided Hone (horn), Resin Gear
    • Limit: 180°
    • Troque: 8.7kg/cm @ 6V
    • Speed: 60° @ 0.17 sec
    • Voltage: 6V
    • Weight 45g
    • Size: 41 x 35 x 21 mm
  • 2 x RCB-1 Control Board
    • Size: 45x35x16mm, Weight: 12g, 6V
    • Handles up to 12 servos
    • 128kb memory store up to 40 sequences of up to 100 poses each
    • RS-232 Serial link to PC
    • PC can control two boards linked in Daisy-chain
  • 1 x RS-232 Serial Cable
  • 1 x NiMH 6V 1000 mAh battery
  • 1 x CD-ROM with manuals and software
  • Some 200 frames, brackets, screws, bolts, hones, washers, cables, covers

Software and Manuals:

Pictorial Assembly manual Blog:

Additional information:

Possible upgrades to the KHR-1

  • USB to Serial adapter – For PCs and laptops that don’t come with a serial port we recommend a USB to Serial adapter such as this one.
  • Battery Charger – The kit does not come with a battery charger. We recommend getting a DC adapter from a local electric store, which outputs 6V with at least 1Amp of current. It will charge the NiMh battery and will power the robot (see how). Additionally, a proper hobby NiMh battery charger can be found on ebay or the local hobby store.
  • Battery – The battery provided with the kit will get the robot to run for about 15 minutes without the RoBoard. Many have reported on our forum to have upgraded the KHR-1 battery to a 7.4V LiPo solution. This voltage is higher than the 6V specs of the servos therefore a high-current 6V voltage regulator should be considered if upgrading to LiPo. For example, using a regulator such as this one (see detailed discussion here).
  • Servos - The KHR-1 kit comes with KRS-786ICS servos that are powered by 6V power source. There are still some of these servos in circulation. However, there are also KRS-788HV (high voltage 9V-12V) servos that have the exact same shape but provide higher torque. The RoBoard can work with either voltage supply. Higher power servos can be adapted to the KHR-1 (see here or here)
  • Servo gears – The KRS-786ICS servos and the KRS-788ICS servos have replacement gears. Kondo catalog number 01035 is a set with all the 4 plastic gears of the servo. Kondo catalog number 01088 and 01089 are a set of 1 and 6 units (resp.) of two metal gears. The middle two gears of the 4.
  • Additional actuators – since the RoBoard supports 24 servos, one can easily extend the robot with grippers, guns and chainsaw.
  • Sensors – we recommend the RoBoard’s RM-G145 3-axis gyro and RM-G144 3DOF accelerometer / 3DOF magnetometer

Package Contents: