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Inventables X-CARVE® 500mm

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Quick overview

Turn your workshop into a custom factory with X-Carve, a 3d carving machine kit. Paired with Easel, our free web-based software, you can carve complex designs in wood, plastic, soft metal, and more.

Just want to get carving?

Select the following from the list below and you'll be ready to carve:

  • - DeWalt D26200
  • - DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount
  • - Carving Bit Super Pack

Note: The extra waste-board provided do not include the silkscreen and are sourced locally since it is not cost effective to have them shipped from Inventables in the US due to their weight and size. The only differences are that the local version has a thickness of ​18mm instead of 19.05mm (3/4") and does not include the silkscreen. 

Included in the bundle

1 x X-Carve 500 Main Components   +£791.08 (+£949.30 Inc. VAT)
1 x X-Controller Kit   +£307.75 (+£369.30 Inc. VAT)

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Price as configured:
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What's included in the base package:

  • X-Carve 500 Main Components
    • X-Carve Core Components
    • 500mm Rail Kit
      • Black MakerSlide, support extrusions, GT2 belts, brackets and hardware
    • 500mm Waste Board Kit
      • Waste board with threaded inserts and hardware (clamps not included)
    • 500mm Side Board Kit 
      • Side Board, extrusions and hardware
    • NEMA 23 500mm Motor Kit
      • Four 140oz-in stepper motors with connectorized cable assemblies
    • 500mm Drag Chain Kit
      • Drag chain, mounting brackets and hardware
    • 500mm Homing Switch Kit
      • Switches, assembled cables and hardware
    • Z-Probe
      • Z-Probe Kit
    • Toolkit
      • Includes 7 piece metric hex key set, 2mm slot head screwdriver, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm open-end wrenches, safety glasses, all in a waterproof black pouch
    • Clamp Set
      • 60 piece set for securing material up to 1.75" thick to the waste board while carving
  • X-Controller Kit
    • High-power motion controller kit for X-Carve

A better experience for your entire journey

We’ve gone far beyond the machine to craft a complete X-Carve experience.

Instructions designed not just to build it, but to learn how the X-Carve works. Material to get you started for your very first carve. And a community of makers at every skill level to provide support and inspiration along the way.

Click here for a video tour.

What are people making with X-Carve?

We’re seeing new projects created by the vibrant Inventables community each and every day. Your carving journey may start with engraving, but from there the possibilities are endless.

From toys and guitars, to furniture and even quadcopters, our free Easel software makes it easy to design your own project or apply your personal touch to remake one from our growing gallery.

Click here for a video tour.

Precise 3D carving technology

Paired with Easel, X-Carve lets you carve with incredible detail and complex curves in wood, plastic, metal, and more.

The easiest software, free.

Our free Easel software makes 3D carving accessible to everyone.

Use Image Trace to import any image you want to carve. Draw from scratch using the Pen Tool. Easel’s also compatible with leading design software packages, including Fusion 360, MeshCAM, and Vectric’s V-Carve.

More reliable than ever.

The X-Controller is included with X-Carve. It features four powerful, four-amp stepper drivers and a heat sink to support long, accurate and precise carves. Encased to keep dust out. Ports to keep wires in. And an emergency stop button in case you need it.

Additionally, carve more consistently with a new wider gantry, featuring thicker walls and less ribs. And benefit from the combination of locking hardware, molded belt clips, and permanent pulleys.


Community Forum

For Makita router users

3D Printable X-Carve Dewalt to Makita Router Adapter

Technical Specs

Work Area X-axis: 300mm
Y-axis: 300mm
Z-axis: 65mm
Accuracy A properly tuned and calibrated machine should get to a resolution of ~0.075mm to 0.13mm.
Electronics X-Controller with Grbl Installed (USB)
Input voltage: 115-230VAC (selectable)
Spindle (DeWalt D26200) Power: 900 Watts
No Load Speed: 16000-27000 rpm
Collet Size: 1/4 inch (different collets available from manufacturer)
Rapid Rate Recommended defaults:
X-axis: 8000 mm/min
Y-axis: 8000 mm/min
Z-axis: 500 mm/min