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Inex POP-BOT Lite - Arduino Robot with FREE Sharp IR Sensor

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Quick overview

Inex POP-BOT Lite Edition - Arduino Mobile Robot Platform incl. FREE Distance Sensor

Inex POP-BOT Lite Edition - Arduino Mobile Robot Platform incl. FREE Distance Sensor

We're offering the Sharp IR Distance sensor with the POP-BOT Lite.
This offers a Feature Complete yet affordable wheeled platform for Beginners and Advanced users.

The board includes the Arudino bootloader meaning it can be programmed with the popular Arduino IDE. Using the ARP uploader Advanced Users can also generate code in AVR Studio / WinAVR and upload HEX files directly.

The POP-BOT is and Arduino compatible, mobile robotic platform. It comes complete with wheels, motors, sensors, software, documentation, etc. The POP-BOT MCU comes in two parts, the POP-168 Module and the RBX168 power module board.

  • For Enthusiasts, the kit goes beyond the traditional Arduino boards by offering a comprehensive set of parts that will let you build an Arduino Powered Autonomous Robot and further explore Arduino and the ATMEGA168 processor.
    The controller is preloaded with the Arduino bootloader that can be reused to load WinAVR /AVR Studio HEX files directly using a tool such as the ARP Uploader (addditional notes on this technique).
  • For Students and Teachers the set comes with a comprehensive set of Activities and Training Sessions for introducing Electronics, Sensors and Microcontrollers using the well-popular Arduino Platform. No soldering is required so the kit is perfectly safe for the Classroom.



Activity Videos


(only in POPbot Standard)
Additionally a number of other activities are documented to guide through learning other aspects of Robotics and Sensors.
Please see the activity list bellow as well as the User and Activities Manual.

Manuals, Activities and Training Resources

The Kit comes with thorough documentation and a number of Manuals and Training Sessions aimed at Beginners to Advanced Users.

  • A Full List of Activities can be found on the User and Activities Manual
    The manual introduces all the different parts, explains the assembly steps and finally explains the Algorithms and the Code to perform all the Activities:
    • Movement: forward and backward movement; square-shaped movement; circular movement

    • Simple Collision Detection with Touch Sensors

    • Serial LCD:  Introduction to Serial Communications; Display Simple Messages; Alternate messages and Blink

    • Line Tracking

    • - Test and calibrate White and Black Areas
      - Border Movement: Stay inside a delimited area and Ping-Pong Movement: bounce between two black lines
      - Move Along a Straight Black line and a Circular Black Line
      - Identifying Dead Ends and Returning to take different paths
      - Multi-Line Crossing Mission: Maze solving
    • Edge Detection using the IR Reflection Sensors.

  • The Training Sessions for the Popular Bionic Arduino Series are included in the CD.
  • PDF manuals introducing Arduino and the Processing Language, Full Technical Schematics for all the Boards are also on the CD.

Suggested Accessories for Advanced Applications:

  • Add a VRbot Voice Recognition Module and have the robot Recognize your Voice Commands.
  • Add a GPS Micro Mini for Precise Navigation.
  • Check our Full Product Portfolio for a comprehensive list of sensors and expansion parts.
  • If you're looking into programming the robot in WinAVR /AVR Studio you can flash HEX files through the bootloader using a tool such as the ARP Uploader (addditional notes on this technique).
    This tool takes advantage of the Arduino bootloader to gain access to the board and load any custom generated HEX file.

Kit Contents:

  • POP-168 The Arduino-mini compatible microcontroller module
  • RBX-168 Robot controller board with 4-AA battery holder (batteries not included)
    The combination of POP168 + RBX168 offer:
    • ATMEGA 168 with Arduino bootloader preloaded
    • ISP port
    • 5 Multi-purpose IO ports
    • 2 dedicated analogue ports
    • I2C bus
    • 2 DC motor interfaces
    • 2 servomotor interfaces
    • 2 push buttons
    • Reset button
    • Piezzo Speaker for sound output
  • Switch input board with JST cable (2 sets)
  • Infrared Reflector board with JST cable (2 sets)
  • Serial LCD 16 characters 2 lines module with LED backlight with Cable
  • 48:1 ratio 4.5V DC motor gearbox with IDC cable (2 sets)
  • Circle wheel and Tread rubber wheel set with 2mm. tapped-screw. (2 sets)
  • 80x60 cm. and 80x80 cm. Plastic Grid plate set (2 sets)
  • Circle base with free ball wheel
  • Plastic joiner and Strip joiner set (60 pieces of 3-type mix colored plastic joiner, 4 pieces of each 3/5/12 holes of Strip joiner)
  • Right-angled metal shaft set (4 pieces of each 1x2, 2x2, 2x5 Right-angled metal shaft)
  • Nuts and Screws set
  • Line tracking demo paper sheet
  • Serial RS232 Cable for downloading and communication
  • CD-ROM contains software tools, source code and documentation.