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  1. Exc. VAT: £61.17 Inc. VAT: £73.40
    The Type 5 Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor from Radiation Watch is a highly sensitive radiation sensor designed for the embedded systems market. Capable of detecting Gamma and Beta radiation, this sensor has a simple pulsed output that can be used with any microcontroller. Radiation Watch has a handful of documents and example Arduino code to get you up and running. They have also written a Windows example program in C# (source included!) to output graphs to a computer using an Arduino as the reader.
  2. Exc. VAT: £3.58 Inc. VAT: £4.30
    The MyoWare Muscle Sensor is now designed to be wearable, allowing you to attach biomedical sensor pads directly to the board itself. However, there still may be cases where you want to mount the sensor pads away from the other hardware; this is where the MyoWare Cable Shield comes in. This shield provides a 3.5mm jack where you can attach a three-electrode sensor cable, allowing you to test and use the MyoWare Muscle Sensor without actually attaching it to your person.
  3. Exc. VAT: £50.92 Inc. VAT: £61.10
    This S-Type load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 200kg of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. Each load cell is able to measure the electrical resistance that changes in response and proportion to the strain (e.g., pressure or force) applied to the form. With this gauge you will be able to tell just how heavy an object is, if an object’s weight changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface.
  4. Exc. VAT: £64.83 Inc. VAT: £77.80
    Using our muscles to control things is the way that most of us are accustomed to doing it. We push buttons, pull levers, move joysticks…but what if we could take the buttons, levers and joysticks out of the equation? This is the MyoWare Muscle Sensor Development Kit, an Arduino-powered, electromyography (EMG) sensor kit that provides you with a MyoWare Muscle Sensor, each MyoWare shield, and everything you need to connect them all together.
  5. Exc. VAT: £66.67 Inc. VAT: £80.00
    Product will never go live. Bob has pulled the BioS for these boards, feel free to use this product page for something else since it cannot be deleted.
  6. Exc. VAT: £30.50 Inc. VAT: £36.60
    The SparkFun CCS811/BME280 Environmental Combo Breakout takes care of all your atmospheric-quality sensing needs with the popular CCS811 and BME280 ICs. This unique breakout provides a variety of environmental data, including barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, TVOCs and equivalent CO2 (or eCO2) levels. To make it even easier to use this breakout, all communication is enacted exclusively via I2C, utilizing our handy Qwiic system. However, we still have broken out 0.1" spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard.
  7. Exc. VAT: £4.42 Inc. VAT: £5.30
    The APDS-9301 Ambient Light Sensor Breakout is an I2C-compatible luminosity sensor board that converts light intensity to a digital output signal. This breakout is fairly simple and has been specifically designed with only a few ancillary passive components in addition to the APDS-9301 IC itself. All readings are returned to your chosen microprocessor in lux, providing precise Illuminance measurement under diverse lighting conditions.
  8. Exc. VAT: £8.42 Inc. VAT: £10.10
    The SparkFun Sound Detector is a small and very easy-to-use audio sensing board with three different outputs. The Sound Detector not only provides an audio output, but also a binary indication of the presence of sound and an analog representation of its amplitude. The three outputs are simultaneous and independent, so you can use as many or as few as you want at once.
  9. Exc. VAT: £20.33 Inc. VAT: £24.40
    The SparkFun AS7262 Visible Spectral Sensor Breakout brings spectroscopy to the palm of your hand, making it easier than ever to measure and characterize how different materials absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light. The AS7262 Breakout is unique in its ability to communicate by both an I2C interface and serial interface using AT commands. Hookup is easy, thanks to the Qwiic connectors attached to the board — simply plug one end of the Qwiic cable into the breakout and the other into one of the Qwiic Shields, then stack the board on a development board. You’ll be ready to upload a sketch to start taking spectroscopy measurements in no time.
  10. Exc. VAT: £49.50 Inc. VAT: £59.40
    The SparkFun ESP32 Thing Environment Sensor Shield provides sensors and hookups for monitoring environmental conditions. While incorporating three sensors capable of measuring five different environmental variables as well as providing connections for several other sensors, this sensor shield creates the best way to make your ESP32 Thing more accurate than your local weatherman! By simply soldering on a few headers as well as an optional 3-pin screw terminal, your ESP32 Thing Environment Sensor Shield will be ready to detect any type of weather you need.