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SBC & Embedded Computer

  1. Exc. VAT: £54.92 Inc. VAT: £65.90
    The BeagleBone Black is a low-cost credit-card-sized development platform with good support from a fast growing community. The BeagleBone Black differs slightly from the regular version by providing you with an onboard micro HDMI port, 512MB of DDR3L DRAM, 4GB onboard flash memory, an AM3358 processor at 1GHz, and making JTAG optional with a user supplied header. Ultimately, the BeagleBone Black is still perfect for physical computing and smaller embedded applications.
  2. Exc. VAT: £29.67 Inc. VAT: £35.60
    Are you a Java developer looking to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to your Android or PC application? Well then the IOIO-OTG is for you! The IOIO-OTG (pronounced “yo-yo-O-T-G”) is a development board specially designed to do just that. It features a PIC microcontroller which acts like a bridge that connects an app on your PC or Android device to low-level peripherals like GPIO, PWM, ADC, I2C, SPI, and UART. An app-level library helps you write control code for these low level peripherals in the same way you'd write any other Java app!