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Dongbu - HerkuleX Robot Servo DRS-0101 ( at 7.4V)

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Quick overview

Dongbu - HerkuleX Robot Servo DRS-0101 ( at 7.4V)

Dongbu - HerkuleX Robot Servo DRS-0101 ( at 7.4V)

The HerkuleX DRS line of servos offer daisy chain topology, High Speed Full Duplex Communication and compact form factor, delivering (DRS-0101) up to (DRS-0202).

By using the exact same shape and size for both the DRS-0101 and DRS-0201, Dongbu enabled Robot Builders to easily interchange Servos with Different Specs (Torque and Speed) without afecting the Mechanical Structure and Design of the Robot.

Designed by a team that worked for Hitec and other reputable Servo manufacturers, the HerkuleX DRS line combines the best features of existing Actuators (Hitec, Dynamixel, Robobuilder) and extends them with Innovative and Unique features:

  • PID Control
  • Full Duplex TTL Level UART up to 0,667Mbps
    (Full Duplex TTL UART makes it a breeze to interface these servos with multiple controllers)
  • Overload Protection
  • Position Control Mode (with Position Feedback and Load Feedback)
    Continuous Rotation Mode (Wheel mode)
  • Unique Speed and Acceleration Control Parameters to define Servo behaviour (in Holding position and while Moving between Target Positions):
    • Feed Forwarder
    • Ladder Type Speed Profile
    • Speed Override
    • Torque Saturator and Offset
    • Absolute Position Adjustment
    • Over 50 adjustable parameters that you let specifically customize Servo behaviour when Moving and Holding position.

Advanced Firmware Features:
The Advanced and Flexible Firmware Design lets you control the Servos under 2 different paradigms:

  • The classic paradigm receiving direct commands from MCU and obeying to Position Set commands.
    In this scenario the MCU interpolates all Intermediate Positions in the Servo trajectory  and updates Servo position every 8-12ms (the approach used in Bioloid and Robobuilder for example).
  • Distributed Processing Paradigm where the Servos have autonomy to Control the whole Motion between Initial and End position. Interpolation of all intermediate Positions is done on the Servo.
    The user can use any of the 50+ parameters to define how the Movement will be interpolated and defining the Speed Curve, Acceleration, etc.

Distributed Processing reduces the need for the intervention of the MCU and will theoretically conserve battery and reduce heat. By knowing and planning it's complete trajectory the Servo is able to optimize the energy used to perform the motion. (please refer to the Servo Manual bellow for a Full Explanation of the available parameters)

Documentation and Software:

  • HerkuleX Manual
    Includes complete specification of the Serial Protocol and all the 50+ Adjustable Parameters to control Speed, Acceleration, etc.
  • HerkuleX Manager Software
    Enables Control and Tuning of all the Servo parameters from the PC.
    (servos can be connected to the PC using a simple USB-to-TTL Converter; alternative the HerkuleX Manager Kit can be used a PC Interface to HerkuleX bus. This part will be available from RoboSavvy over the coming weeks).