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DAGU Octopod Spider (Chopstix) with 24 DoF + 5 DoF

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DAGU Octopod Spider (Chopstix) with 24 DoF + 5 DoF

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1 x DAGU - Octopod Spider

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Price as configured:
Exc. VAT: £591.17 Inc. VAT: £591.17


DAGU Octopod Spider (Chopstix) with 24 DoF + 5 DoF

The Octopod Spider is an impressive Robot with ~60cm, ~5kg and 24 Degrees of Freedom in the Legs plus two Pan & Tilt Mechanisms (2x 2 DoF) that can be fitted with Sensors (by default two Compound Eyes are included).
An additional Servo is mounted between the Legs to fit a Range Finder or similar Sensor. In total the Octopod Spider includes 29 Degrees of Freedom and can carry a Payload of almost 2kg.

The Robot ships with a DAGU RedBack Spider Controller (Arduino MEGA based) as the MCU for low level Control the Servos and Walking Gait. To extend the processing power, the chassis can be fitted an additional MCU such as a RapberryPi, eBox or Android device with an IOIO board*.


This kit includes a whole lot of goodness for a big sized (~60cm, ~5kg) robot:

  • Dagu Spider controller (Arduino MEGA based) + DAGU High Power Servo Shield
  • Dagu High power Switch
  • 24x 15Kg/cm servos with brass gears and dual bearings.
    (tested to work with the included 7.4V LiPo battery).
  • 5x 1.5Kg/cm miniature servos with extra heavy duty plastic gears for Pan/Tilt and Sensor.
    These operate at 5V supplied by the Controller's Onboard regulator.
  • 2x Dagu Compound eyes 4pcs (infrared distance sensors)
  • Sensor Servo mounted between the front legs. This is to allow a small optional range finding sensor
  • Leg clutch mechanism to impact prevent wear and damage
  • Foot collision sensors (to deal with uneven terrain)
  • RedBack controller can be extended with additional Sensors
  • Chassis includes mounting holes to fit a more powerful MCU such as an Omnima MiniEMBWiFi, eBox 3350MX or Android device with an IOIO board*
    (the additional MCU is not Included; the kit includes just the RedBack Spider Controller with USB interface for the External MCU)

* Any MCU with USB or TTL Level UART can communicate with the Redback Spider Controller. The Arduino Sample code includes the Walking gaits and may need to be customized for use with external MCUs. .

Files and Resources:

This item is a kit and requires Assembly. It is recommended for intermediate to advanced Robot users.