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Controllers & Drivers

  1. Exc. VAT: £37.92 Inc. VAT: £45.50

    The Spider controller is Back!

    Arduino compatible robot controller that can control up to 48 servos!

    Now powered by an ATmega 2560

  2. Exc. VAT: £99.50 Inc. VAT: £119.40
    In many robotic applications it is a requirement to provide continuous power supply without having to reset the system when changing batteries or when switching between DC power supply and battery source. RoboSavvy HotSwap Power Board 1.0 is designed to provide continuous power to a robot allowing the interchangeable use of two DC power sources
  3. DFRobot - Flyduino-A 12 Servo Controller (Arduino Compatible) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £14.74 Inc. VAT: £17.69 £19.10

    This is probably the smallest Arduino controller speically designed for controlling the servo. It features a 12 standard servo control capbility with Xbee socket which can be used to control helicopter or UAV via the Xbee link. The feather weight (7.5g) make it an ideal controller for those application that has limited payload. The build in regulator is allow the input voltage vary from 3.5-8V which fits the most power supply without any modification.
  4. Exc. VAT: £37.92 Inc. VAT: £45.50
    The Red Back Spider controller is an Arduino compatible robot controller designed specifically for robots that use a large number of servos such as Humanoids, Hexapods and Serpents.
  5. Exc. VAT: £12.58 Inc. VAT: £15.10
    Designed originally for the Rover 5 chassis this driver PCB is ideal for any small robot using either Omni or Mecanum wheels. Current sensing for each motor allows the processor to determine if a motor has stalled or is under excessive load.
  6. Exc. VAT: £26.58 Inc. VAT: £31.90
    Robotis - CM-100A Controller
  7. Exc. VAT: £88.33 Inc. VAT: £106.00
    Description: CM-700 consists of a CPU, TTL/RS485 communication circuit, and is a control module type controller with ZIG-110 connector.
  8. Exc. VAT: £79.33 Inc. VAT: £95.20
    Robobuilder RBC-NYN Controller with Acceleration Sensor
  9. Exc. VAT: £7.25 Inc. VAT: £8.70

     OpenCM9.04 is an open-source controller that runs under 32bit ARM Cortex-M3. 

  10. Exc. VAT: £134.95 Inc. VAT: £161.94

    OpenCR1.0 (Open-source Control module for ROS) is an open source robot controller embedded with a powerful MCU from the ARM Cortex-M7 line-up.