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Colorfabb - Chocolate Brown PLA spool - 750grs 1.75mm

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Quick overview

Colorfabb - Chocolate Brown PLA spool - 750grs 1.75mm

Colorfabb - Chocolate Brown PLA spool - 750grs 1.75mm

Colorfabb is a soft touch PLA compound with extended elongation that comes in bright, vivid colours.

These plastics are extensively tested to work with the leading 3D Printer models and manufacturers.

This is a solid (opaque) colour.

Our army of test Owls and Thumb screws in awesome Colorfabb colours!

Technical Details:

Colorfabb is PLA with a small additive of PHA to make it less brittle and slightly more flexible. This plastic offers great print quality with all the great features of PLA - strong, very low shrinkage factor, great layer bonding - plus improved mechanical properties.

When using this plastic with your printer, simply choose "PLA" as the printing material in the printer software. For optimal results, you may need to adjust the printing temperature, depending on the colour you are using.
Each spool comes with a label on the packing that indicates the recommended printing temperature for that colour.

  • 1.75 MM PLA/PHA Filament for 3D Printing
  • Effective Diameter = 1.75 mm +/- 0.05 mm
  • Soft Touch PLA Compound with extended elongation
  • 1 Spool contains min. 750 grams of filament
  • Processing temperature = 195 - 220 degrees C
    (For optimal results, please check the label on the package of your reel where you can find the recommend temperature for each colour).