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  1. Exc. VAT: £22.00 Inc. VAT: £26.40
    12V DC Motor 350RPM w/Encoder (12kg*cm). This is a gear motor with encoder. It is a motor with a 34:1 gearbox and an integrated quadrature encoder that provides a resolution of 11 pulse single per round giving a maximum output of 374 within one round.
  2. Exc. VAT: £32.50 Inc. VAT: £39.00
    This DC Motor Driver can be used in 4WD mobile robot platforms, combat robots, smart car competition, drive pumps, electric fans, conveyors, etc...
  3. Exc. VAT: £53.00 Inc. VAT: £63.60

    This is a 4.3-inch e-ink display module, supports a maximum resolution of 800x600, using serial communication, built-in Chinese and English fonts. It also supports low power consumption mode. If you don't want to know the complex working theory of E-ink screen, or the algorithms of graphics, text, and pictures, it will be your best choice. You only need a serial port to implement all features, let it go! Unleash your creative potential.

  4. Exc. VAT: £8.25 Inc. VAT: £9.90

    6 Port 3pin AX/MX Power Hub

  5. Exc. VAT: £49.25 Inc. VAT: £59.10

    Arduino compatible, open-source XBEE-wireless hand-held controller

  6. Exc. VAT: £34.67 Inc. VAT: £41.60

    The ArbotiX-M Robocontroller is at the heart of every Interbotix Robot. This versatile robot controller is an advanced control solution for BIOLOID and DYNAMIXEL based actuators. As an Arduino compatible microcontroller the Arbotix Robocontroller also benefits from a huge open source community of libraries and examples. Since its release in 2010 the Arbotix has quickly become a favorite among builders worldwide from hobby to high level research.

  7. Exc. VAT: £40.50 Inc. VAT: £48.60
    Starting from: £43.74

    The latest v3.0 kit comes with more useful components, more handy projects and higher quality parts. And most importantly, still the same price.

  8. Exc. VAT: £29.00 Inc. VAT: £34.80
    Bipolar Stepper Motor with Planet Gear Box ( This bipolar stepper motor with planet gear box (gear ratio: 5.18) uses a standard 8mm-diameter D type output shaft, and has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase draws 1.6 A at 2.78 V, allowing for a holding torque of 18kg-cm (176N-cm). The motor has a body dimension of 42mm square and 40mm in length, while the planet gear box is 36mm in diameter and 27mm in length.
  9. Exc. VAT: £13.60 Inc. VAT: £16.32
    Brushless DC Motor with Encoder 12V 159RPM. This is a motor revolution: a new DC brushless motor with built-in motor driver. It can be conncected to Arduino directly without external motor driver. Whatsmore, the motor comes with directional control, PWM speed control and speed feedback output, which make this motor to be controlled easily. This product is convenient for mobile robotic platform since there is less drive pin and less MCU resource consumption.
  10. Exc. VAT: £56.50 Inc. VAT: £67.80
    The Devastator uses high strength aluminum alloy which makes it extremely solid and durable. The high speedmotors and premium tracks also allows it to move swiftly everywhere. Whatsmore, it benefits from a high performance suspension and enjoys an outstanding mobility across even the toughest terrains.
  11. Exc. VAT: £63.00 Inc. VAT: £75.60

    The DFRobot 4WD mobile Platform is intended for use with the DFRobot ROMEO All-in-one Controller and includes 4x motors, 4x wheels and a complete chassis with mounting hardware. The included second level allows you to add more electronics and define a modular layout. The rectangular hole allows for a servo to be attached and be used for several purposes like a movable camera or a robotic arm. The high-strength aluminum alloy body material provides flexibility in rapid movement particularly in outdoor grass, gravel, sand or sloped surface. Increased life span of the electronics and gears due to the chasis study structure. The 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform is also suitable for robot competitions and research related projects.

  12. Exc. VAT: £10.90 Inc. VAT: £13.08
    The DFRduino Ethernet Shield V2 is finally released. This new version supports Mega both 1280 and 2560. And it supports SD card read/write as well. The ethernet shield is fully functional now.
  13. Exc. VAT: £24.58 Inc. VAT: £29.50
    This LCD4884 Shield provides 48x48 display. If your project need more information to display, this LCD shield can apparently meet your needs. It is able to display English, Chines, even images. It also integrates a 5 DOF joystick. The shield has 6 Digital IO and 5 Analog IO.
  14. Exc. VAT: £399.00 Inc. VAT: £478.80

    The HCR Mobile Robot Kit is a two wheel drive mobile robot platform with three levels (if you want, you can use only the parts you need, or make a two level robot).

  15. Exc. VAT: £29.00 Inc. VAT: £34.80
    This robot gripper is perfect for all your gripping needs. Made from a heavy duty but lightweight PVC, it comes with four standard M4 thread holes on the bottom for easy assembly.
  16. Exc. VAT: £62.00 Inc. VAT: £74.40
    Explore the physical world with MiniQ robot! This is a MinQ 2WD Plus which is based on our MiniQ 2WD Chasis. To make it suitable for educational, competions and fun to play with, we also added extra modules such as Romeo V2 All-in-one controller, Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor and 9g micro servo into this kit. What makes it different from the original miniQ robots is that it comes with an upper deck, which allow you to install sensors, servos and even do some prototypings.
  17. DFRobot - Relay Shield for Arduino V2.1 Sale
    Exc. VAT: £8.66 Inc. VAT: £10.39 £13.80

    This DFRoobot relay shield  V2.1 is a completely new desgin which  is capable of controlling 4 relays.  The max switching power could be DC 90W or AC 360VA. It could be directly controlled by Arduino/DFRduino through digital IOs with external 9v supply. With buildin xbee type socket, it can be wirelessly controlled via Xbee/bluetooth/WPM.  Make it an ideal solution for home automation and robotics purpose.
  18. Exc. VAT: £24.50 Inc. VAT: £29.40
  19. DFRobot - Flyduino-A 12 Servo Controller (Arduino Compatible) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £11.55 Inc. VAT: £13.86 £17.76

    This is probably the smallest Arduino controller speically designed for controlling the servo. It features a 12 standard servo control capbility with Xbee socket which can be used to control helicopter or UAV via the Xbee link. The feather weight (7.5g) make it an ideal controller for those application that has limited payload. The build in regulator is allow the input voltage vary from 3.5-8V which fits the most power supply without any modification.
  20. Exc. VAT: £23.00 Inc. VAT: £27.60
    Veyron Servo Driver (24-Channel) is a multiple servo controller, especially designed for humanoid robots, spider robots, robotic arms, and many other likewise applications. The controller integrates wireless data transmission interface, which is fully compatible with DFRobot Bluetooth module, APC220 wireless data transmission module and Xbee module.
  21. Exc. VAT: £46.00 Inc. VAT: £55.20

    DFRobot - Wirele

  22. Exc. VAT: £15.50 Inc. VAT: £18.60
    DFRobot - XBoard V2 - A bridge between Home and Internet (Arduino Compatible)
  23. Exc. VAT: £17.50 Inc. VAT: £21.00
    This is the upgraded DFRduino Mega 2560 V3.0 which is now fully compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 R3.
  24. Gravity: I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD with RGB Backlight Display Sale
    Exc. VAT: £6.62 Inc. VAT: £7.94 £10.68

    DFRobot I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD with RGB Backlight Display module will bring you a new experience about screen. It comes with RGB full color backlight, which has 16 million kinds of color.
  25. Exc. VAT: £2,058.00 Inc. VAT: £2,469.60

    The TurtleBot 2i is powered by an Intel NUC BOXNUC6CAYH and features dual 3D camera configurations, using a dedicated long range Orbbec Astra for Navigation & Mapping, and the short range Intel RealSense camera SR300-Series as a dedicated Manipulation work space sensor.