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  1. Exc. VAT: £0.58 Inc. VAT: £0.70
    Battery Holder with JST connector.
  2. Exc. VAT: £2.50 Inc. VAT: £3.00
    Used to fit the all terrain wheels to the 4mm shafts of geared motors RS003A and RS003B.

    Nickel plated and includes stainless steel screws

  3. Exc. VAT: £3.17 Inc. VAT: £3.80
    The Wild Thumper High Power Switch is an accessory that conveniently cuts power supply from the LiPo battery.
  4. Exc. VAT: £4.42 Inc. VAT: £5.30
    Dagu - 9g 2 Micro Servo Motor. This Micro Servo is ideal for applications where small weight and size are a key factor. The servo uses standard PWM control signals and operates from 4.8V - 6V with a power consumption of <500mA.
  5. Exc. VAT: £4.49 Inc. VAT: £5.39
    Dagu - Micro Servo 8g This Micro Servo is ideal for Applications where Small Weight and Size are a key factor.
    The Servo uses standard PWM control signals and operates from 4.8V - 6V with a power consumption of <500mA.
  6. Exc. VAT: £5.25 Inc. VAT: £6.30
    Designed to fit LMR's universal sensor bracket, this sensor works by shinning IR light onto an object and then tracking the reflected IR. This sensor does not work in bright daylight as sunlight has a lot of IR and blinds the sensor.The IR LEDs can be controlled by a digital output so that ambiant light as well as reflected light can be measured. Your microcontroller needs 4 analog inputs available to use this sensor.
  7. Exc. VAT: £6.08 Inc. VAT: £7.30
    This pack contains 100 male to male and 40 female to female cables in 5 colours. The male to male cables come in 40mm, 80mm and 120mm lengths. The female to female cables come in 40mm and 80mm length.
  8. Exc. VAT: £6.49 Inc. VAT: £7.79
    Pack of 100 x 20 cm Male-Female jumper wires
  9. Exc. VAT: £6.49 Inc. VAT: £7.79
    Pack of 100 x 20 cm Female-Female jumper wires
  10. Exc. VAT: £8.83 Inc. VAT: £10.60
    The kit includes twobrackets, two miniature servos, a bracket to hold the tilt servo and all the nuts, bolts etc.
  11. Exc. VAT: £9.50 Inc. VAT: £11.40

    Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth Specification V4.0 BLE, send and receive no byte limit,open environment and iphone 4 s can achieve 110 meters extreme distance communication.

  12. Exc. VAT: £11.42 Inc. VAT: £13.70
    The Magician Chassis is our latest robot platform from Dagu. It features two gearmotors with 65mm wheels and a rear caster. The chassis plates are cut from acrylic with a wide variety of mounting holes for sensors, controllers, power, etc. Simply bolt the two pre-cut platforms together, attach the motors and caster and add your favorite robotics controller. This kit includes all of the parts needed to assemble the chassis as well as a 4xAA battery holder with barrel jack termination.
  13. Exc. VAT: £12.33 Inc. VAT: £14.80
    Starting from: £13.33
    Arduino compatible board with built in dual motor driver.
  14. Exc. VAT: £12.67 Inc. VAT: £15.20
    Dagu - 34:1 Metal Gearmotor with Magnetic Encoder (6VDC / 285rpm). This is a powerful DC motor fitted with a 34:1 gearbox. The gears are all steel and the outputshaft is 4mm diameter. These motors now come with a Quadrature Magnetic encoder fitted on the output shaft to provide accurate speed measurement and control. They are compatible with the Wild Thumper Robots and are suitable for any project requiring a fast, robust DC motor.
  15. Exc. VAT: £12.67 Inc. VAT: £15.20
    As used on "Wild Thumper" these wicked spiked tractor tires are ideal for all terrain robots. These wheels are 120mm diameter and 60mm wide. The hubs are Metalic Red.