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  1. Exc. VAT: £2.83 Inc. VAT: £3.40
    30 degree engraving bit for wood, plastic and linoleum. Best for Cutting plastics, woods, and soft materials like linoleum
  2. Exc. VAT: £3.25 Inc. VAT: £3.90
    Inventables Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill 1/8. The spiral upcut bits pull chips from the cutting surface upwards, leaving a flat bottomed pocket. This provides accurate cuts without chatter in the plastic because the chips are being evacuated away from the cutting edges. This bit is not recommended for wood because it pulls the wood fibers causing tear out.
  3. Exc. VAT: £4.08 Inc. VAT: £4.90
    Sculpt beautiful 3D surfaces with this tool. Ball end mills are typically used to create smooth flowing 3D surfaces with CNC routers and mills. This solid carbide tool can easily mill woods, plastics and soft metals. Best for Cutting Plastics, woods, aluminum
  4. Exc. VAT: £7.83 Inc. VAT: £9.40
    1/16 Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral
  5. Exc. VAT: £8.67 Inc. VAT: £10.40

    Ideal for carving plastics

    . These fishtail bits are great for fine detail and inlays. The upcut tip design creates a cleaner edge on the backside of the sheet when cutting through materials. The flute design works well with high speed spindles and high feedrates.
  6. Exc. VAT: £13.25 Inc. VAT: £15.90
    1/32 Solid Carbide Upcut Fish Tail Spiral
  7. Exc. VAT: £32.92 Inc. VAT: £39.50
    6 bits great for cutting soft metals like aluminum. This set of 6 bits is great for general purpose soft metal cutting. Bits have a shank diameter of 1/8 inch. Up-cut bits expel the cut material upward and smooths the bottom of the cut pass. It pulls heat away from the bit, and is a good choice for plastics, metals, or other materials that are prone to melting or burning.
  8. Exc. VAT: £45.00 Inc. VAT: £54.00
    This set of 8 bits is great for beginners who are just getting started, or anyone looking to do general purpose cutting. They all have 1/8" shanks.Pair this with our Practice Material Pack and get carving! Best for cutting Corian, plastic, linoleum, wood, plywood, MDF, aluminum
  9. From: £1,093.30

    To: £6,145.47

    The Shapeoko 3 comes with everything you need to make accurate parts from wood, plastic, and aluminum.

    We're also including our new Sweepy Dust Boot with every Shapeoko.

    If you're running a Makita, pick the 65mm. If you're running a DeWalt, pick the 69mm.

  10. Starting from:
    Exc. VAT: £1,368.66

    *Limited Stock Available*

    Turn your workshop into a custom factory with X-Carve, a 3d carving machine kit. Paired with Easel, our free web-based software, you can carve complex designs in wood, plastic, soft metal, and more.

    EASEL Pro 1yr subscription included

    Just want to get carving?

    Select the following from the list below and you'll be ready to carve:

    • - 1000mm Waste board (no Grid or Logo)
    • - DeWalt D26200
    • - DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount
    • - Carving Bit Super Pack
    • - X-Carve Dust Control System

    Note: The waste-boards provided do not include the silkscreen and are sourced locally since it is not cost effective to have them shipped from Inventables in the US due to their weight and size. The only differences are that the local version has a thickness of ​18mm instead of 19.05mm (3/4") and does not include the silkscreen.