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Assembled Printrbot Simple

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Quick overview

The all metal construction combined with a GT2 belt pulley system produces a 3D print that rivals those of other manufacturers which cost thousands more!

PrintrBot's first all-metal 3D Printer now available with a heated bed. The metal construction combined with a GT2 belt pulley system produces a 3D print that rivals those of other manufacturers which cost thousands more!



It's hard not to notice the new aesthetics of the Simple. The steel and aluminium body not only looks much sleeker than its plywood counterpart, but also provides strength and stability. This means a quieter and more precise printing process!


The mechanics of the new Simple are also getting an upgrade with the introduction of the GT2 belt pulley system. Aside from featuring aluminium construction, this system will prevent belt slipping and backlash from reverse motion, which will result in cleaner prints.


As the name clearly suggests the idea behind this PrintrBot model has always been simplicity. As there are fewer parts only 5 major pieces and fewer fasteners. To compliment this simplification, new build instructions are also easier to follow!


The steel and aluminium Printrbot Simple comes with an extended build volume. Up about 5cm from the original, this new model has the capacity to print up to 3375cm²!!

Software-Aided Auto-Leveling

This is a major upgrade for the PrintrBot Simple. The printing platform can now be leveled semi-automatically with the use of software. No more manual calibration and build leveling with this one!

Technical Specifications

Model 1403
Build Volume 6" x 6" x 6" / 150mm x 150mm x 150mm / 216 cubic inches
Print Resolution 50 Microns
Print Speed 80mm/sec max recommended
Filament 1.75mm PLA (sample included) and ABS
Extruder Alu Extruder V2 (direct drive) with 1.75mm Ubis Hot End with 0.4mm nozzle
Auto Leveling Auto-Leveling Probe works with software to calibrate Z axis height (see video)
Print Bed Not Heated (0.3mm level tolerance)
Construction Powder coated steel and aluminum body with 8mm and 12mm diameter linear shaft
Belt GT2
Pulleys 20 tooth, dual flange GT2 aluminum
Electronics Printrbot Rev F Printrboard with micro-USB connection (cable included) and micro SD card slot for untethered printing
Software Printrbot does not provide software, but recommends Cura v15.04 – available for free download.
Power Requirements 12V (6 amp) Laptop power supply (included)
Motors NEMA 17 stepper
Overall Footprint* 18" x 17" x 13" (L x W x H)


  • Assembly Required: No
  • ATX Power Supply w/Jumper: Included

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