Microcamp Mega8 Robot Kit

The INEX MicroCamp MEGA 8 is a modular, programmable robot kit. It is a very popular learning aid in many Asian countries school curriculum thanks to its low price and high versatility. Using the included sensors you can make a line follower or an obstacle avoider and you can extend its functionalityby adding additional sensors and actuators to achieve more complex behaviors. This is the most fun and easy introduction to robot control and to programming an embedded Atmel microcontroler.

Learning C Programming Language, Embedded Programming, Atmel Atmega8 Microcontroler, Cross Compilation, Serial Programming (Firmware modification), Robotics, Control..

The kit comes with some comprehensive examples that will guide you through the building simple programs, compiling them on the PC and transfering them to the robot. The robot will then react to its sensory data and take you through to advanced understanding of robotics and control.
Included Manual's Table of Contents: (download complete manual )
Chapter 1 Introduce MicroCamp : ATmega8 Activity kit
Chapter 2 Development software for MicroCamp robot kit
Chapter 3 C programming development for MicroCamp kit with AVR Studio and WinAVR C-compiler
Chapter 4 Library and Function of C programming
Chapter 5 Operator of WinAVR C-compiler
Chapter 6 Library and Specific commands in the MicroCamp robot kit
Chapter 7 Building a robot with MicroCamp kit (download Chapter 7 )
 -- Activity 1 - Basic movements
 -- Activity 2 - Object detection and collision
 -- Activity 3 - Line tracking
Activity1-1:  Basic Forward-Backward movement
Learn the basic operations of writing a program, compiling and programming the microcontroler using the serial cable.
Activity 1-2: Circular movement
Learn the principles of differential drive
Activity 1-3: Square shaped movemement
Learn how to get the robot to react to pressing and depressing switch on-board the controler board. (C code example shown)
Activity 2-1: Collision Detection
Learn how to identify collision and make the robot circumvent basic obstacles. (C code example shown)
Activity 3-2: Move Along Black line
Learn how to interpret the infrared sensors beneath the robot in order to identify where the black line is and keep its track.

Package Contents

Microcamp board with Battery holder
PX-400 Programmer - Transfer compiled code from PC to robot
CX-4 Serial cable
ZX-Switch - switch on/off sensor
ZX-IR reflector - Infra-red sensor helps in identifying black dark vs. lighted surfaces
Spacers and fasteners for building options
Mechanical brackets for mounting optional sensors
CD-ROM containing software and Documentation.

PX-400 Serial In-System Programmer (ISP). Used for transfering compiled firmware code form the PC to the embedded Atmega8 microcontroler.
MicroCamp Board - including the ATMEGA8 microprocessor, power switch and LED, ISP connector, 5 I/O connectors with power, ground, and data pins, a reset switch plus 2 option switches, an option LED, and 2 motor outputs with indicator LED's.
  • 16MHz ATmega8
  • 2 DC motor drivers
  • 2 Buttons, 2 LEDs, 5-Analog ports for sensors and Serial communication port.
  • +5V switching power supply
  • Requires 4 AA size battery.
  • Support In-system Programming via ISP connector with included PX-400 Serial Programmer
  • Comes with simple sensors and robot part kits to support building of a mobile robot experiment.
Sound detection module detects sound pressure applied to Condenser Microphone. Output voltage 0 to +5V varies from sound pressure level detected by microphone.

Robot Assembly

The kit is easily assembled without the need for soldering.
Assembly instructions are clear and include many pictures
Cables and connection ports are marked for easy connectiona dn modification.
Assembled robot


Megacamp is programmed using a Windows PC with a popular development environment software called AVR Studio (download) which includes a C/C++ compiler GNU GCC. The AVR Studio then transfered the compiled code to the robot through the serial cable. This development environment also includes includes simulation tools. The software instalation and examples are documented in the Microcamp manual and additional extensive documentation can be found on the web.

Optional Modules (not included)

Gripper Arms and servos (not included) can be added to the robot in order to pick and manipulate objects
Distance Sensor (not included) - Identify distance to obstacles in order to avoid them or solve puzzles and get out of a maze
Light Sensor (not included) - Track a light source and follow a potential burglar
Magnetic Sensor (not included) - Know Earth's North heading to help in self localization

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