Lubricated 3D Printing Filament

The much-anticipated Monsterfil 3D printing filament is now exclusively available through our store.

Tired of changing your 1kg spools?

Monsterfil filament is available in the following spool sizes: 1kg, 2.27kg, 4,54kg (10kg available soon) to ensure longer print time with less frequent reel changes. It's compatible with any 1.75mm PLA 3D printer.

Excited?! We are!!

Don't miss this opportunity to get Monsterfil for FREE!! 3+1 deal: Buy any 3 spools of filament and get a Monsterfil filament (1kg) for FREE!

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Meet Dash & Dot

Be the first to welcome the dynamic duo Dash and Dot educational robots to the UK!

For ages 5+, Dash and Dot is a brand new way to play & learn, with visual hands-on programming and real work interaction!

Having already sold over 11k robots through their Kickstarter launch campaign 18 months ago; Dash & Dot have since become a new standard in education technology.

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Double Robotics Rent it!

Interested in the Double Robotics Telepresence Robot for events or the office and wish to try it out before purchasing one? Here's the perfect solution for you! For more details or a quote contact us.

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The 2nd generation best-selling multi-material dual extruder for your Makerbot® Replicator® 2X is back in stock!

Place your order now and get FREE shipping (within the UK)!

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Beaglebone Black

The Beaglebone Black (from the original US manufacturer) is in stock and at its' lowest online price! Stock is limited so order yours now and receive FREE shipping (within the UK)!

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The most affordable 360º LIDAR scanner on the market is now available at our store.

Any purchases made until May 24th will receive a 10% discount and FREE shipping! 

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At RoboSavvy we offer an array of services including complex FDM 3D printing, 3D printing training, robotics workshop and robot engineering development and customization, especially for brand promotion and live events.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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RoboSavvy News



We have co-created F.R.H.A.N.K, an artificially intelligent, socially curated gaming  humanoid robot that acts as a side-kick to celebrity youtube gamer vlogger Ali-A. ........


Rickie in Hanover

Rickie welcomed people at the Infosys booth at Hanover Messe Fair, speaking with dignitaries and the rest of us, he also recognized people's faces.. ........

For further information or assistance please call +44 207 183 7505 or email
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