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Robotis - DARwIn-OP Electronics Kit

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Robotis - DARwIn-OP Electronics Kit

This product has been discontinued.

Robotis - DARwIn-OP Electronics Kit

This is the Complete Electronics kit used in Robotis Award winning DARwIn-Op Humanoid Robot.
The kit includes the FitPC2, the CM-730 controller board, the Logitech HD Webcam with Carl Zeiss lens and all additional boards, cables and speaker used in DARwIn-OP.

The electronics use the Dynamixel serial bus and offer 3pin TTL ports as well as 4pin RS485 ports making it compatible with all Dynamixel Servo ranges (AX/MX series on 3pin TTL ports up RX series/EX-106+ on 4pin RS485 ports). With this flexibility you can now build your own version of DARwIn-OP and easily scale your Robot up or down to suit your needs.



Product Name Fit-PC2i
CPU Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz
Memory 1GB DDR2-533 on-board
Storage 4GB SSD storage
miniSD socket
Display & Graphics Intel GMA500 graphics acceleration
DVI Digital output up to 1920x1200 through HDMI connector
Audio Line-out, line-in, mic
5.1 Channels S/PDIF
Networking 1000 base T Ethernet
802.11g WLAN
USB USB 2.0 High Speed ports x 4 (2 units mini USB)
Bootable from USB thumb drive, USB CDROM, USB hard disk, over network, miniSD
Operating System Ubuntu Linux 9.10 pre-installed.
Other operating systems can be installed by user.
Mechanical and Environmental
Dimensions 104 x 96 mm
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70 deg C
Power 12V single supply
8 ~ 15V tolerant
Power Consumption 6W at low CPU load
8W at full CPU load
<1W at standby


Product Name CM-730
MCU STM32F103RE (72MHz, Flash 512K, SRAM 64K, USB)
IMU Gyro (LPYR540AH)
Accelerometer (ADXL335)
Battery Àü¾Ð °¨Áö
USB mini USB connection to PC
4p : connect to fit-PC2i
UART UART0 : 485/TTL bus
UART1 : ZIG-110
UART3 : not used
ZIGBee 4p : ZIG-110A / LN-101
OLLO 5p 6EA : IR sensor, touch, DMS(sharp PSD), OLLO Servo
485 / TTL bus RS-485 4p : 5EA
TTL 3p : 5EA
Ext. GPIO 50 ~ 60 pin (not fixed yet)
Button 2EA (Reset, Mode) + 1EA (DXL Power toggle)
Battery Li-Po 3Cell : 1000mAh (9~12.6V, Á¤°Ý11.1V)
ETC Mic. / Speaker / Buzzer
LED (Mode x 3EA)
Connector Battery connector x 2EA
Switch Power switch
DXL power switch (not fixed yet)
Button Push button x 1EA (Mode)
LED LED 5 ~ 7EA (not fixed yet)


Product Name HD Camera (Logitech C905)
Video Quality 2.0MP 1600 x 1200 pixels
HD Video recording in 720p
Photo Quality 8.0MP
Auto Focus YES
Built-in Mic Echo and noise reduction mic.

Kit Contents

Description    Qty    
Main PC Fit-PC2i 1
Controller      CM-730 1
Boards Interface Board 1
Power Board 1
Head Board 1
Accessories     Fan 2
Speaker 1
2MP HD Camera        1
Cables 1 Set


Dynamixel Servos, Battery and SMPS (Power Adapter) are not included and must be purchased separately:

  RoboSavvy is the Robotis "Certified Partner for DARwIn-OP" in the United Kingdom.

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