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Kondo - RCB-4HV Robot Controller

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Quick overview


Kondo - RCB-4HV Robot Controller


  • M16C/26A microcomputer by Renesas Technology has been adopted.
  • Contains eight SIO ports for two systems of ICS3.0 compliant device, and can connect up to sixtyfour ICS3.0 devices.
  • With ten AD ports, multiple analog sensors can now be used. Further, AD input for power management is available separately.
  • Ten PIO ports have been newly mounted. Use of ON/OFF switch and light up of LED is made easier.
  • The COM ports enable a maximum speed of 1.25 Mbps.
  • EEPROM, known for its high-speed and high capacity, has been adopted.

Change from RCB-3:

  • All PWM ports have been eliminated.
  • RX port (low-speed serial port) has been eliminated.
  • Microcomputer has been changed from M16C/26 to M16C/26A.
  • EEPROM enables 1 Mbit high-speed communication (2.5 times the communication speed of RCB-3) and is now a 256 kByte high capacity ROM (twice the size of RCB-3).
  • Reset button has been eliminated.


  • Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 13 (W x H x D) mm. *Same as RCB-3
  • Weight: 12g
  • Interface: SIO port, COM port, AD port, PIO port
  • Power Supply Voltage: Our specific HV power source is recommended. Minimum 6 V, Maximum 15 V. (Does not necessarily guarantee motion of device.)
  • Internal Voltage: Set at 5 V by a regulator (for 1 A).
  • Power Supply Terminal: Please use battery or stabilized power supply corresponding to the above operating voltage.
  • Com port: Used for data communication by connecting to PC using serial USB adapter HS. Conventional serial USB adapter can also be used. (When using conventional product, communication speed may be limited.)
  • AD port: For connecting analog device. Operating voltage is 0 to 5 V. Check maximum current for device needing power supply.
  • PIO port: For connecting digital binary input/output device. Can be used as an output and operating voltage is 0 V (LOW), 5 V (HIGH). Resistance is connected in series, so LED can be connected directly. However, please check operating voltage for the LED.
  • SIO port: For connecting device corresponding to ICS. Operating voltage is the same as power supply voltage. DO NOT CONNECT device corresponding to 0 to 5 V (such as analog sensors). Operation may be limited according to the corresponding version of the connected device.

Please note: The latest controllers DON'T include the Serial USB Adapter HS, necessary to connect the board to the PC. If you do not have the Serial USB Adapter HS, you will need to purchase it separately in order to communicate with this board.

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