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Kondo KRS-2552RHV ICS Red Version Servo - Set with 5 pcs

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Kondo KRS-2552RHV ICS Red Version Servo - Set with 5 pcs

Kondo KRS-2552RHV ICS Red Version Servo - Set with 5 pcs

This product is a Pack with 5 pcs of KRS-2552RHV. These servos are compatible with both the original KHR 3HV and the KHR 3HV Rev 2.
This pack is meant to upgrade all the dummy servos in KHR 3HV to real servos, upgrading the robot from 17 DOF to a full 22 DOF.

The 2552RHV is the new servo from Kondo that supports the ICS 3.5 protocol. It is successor of the 2552HV that debuted with the original KHR 3HV on Kondo's 5th anniversary.

The novelty of ICS 3.5 is that the servos can now be configured to operate under two modes: the Serial protocol (the default setting, as in the original 2252HV) and in addition can be optionally configured to operate in PWM mode (new feature in ICS 3.5).
Additional configuration parameters have also been added in ICS 3.5 meaning the servo behaviour can be fine tuned using the Dual USB Adapter HS.

  • This servo has been introduced with KHR 3HV Rev 2 and is compatible with RCB-4HV, the original KHR 3HV and also the USB Programmer HS and Dual USB Programmer HS (High Speed).
  • When operating in Serial mode, the new KRS-2552RHV can be installed and used alongside the previous KRS-2552HV provided the Baud Rate is the same on all servos.
    Both the 2552HV and 2552RHV can be mixed in the same serial bus for operation.


  • Maximum Operating Angle 270º
  • Maximum Holding Torque (11.1V)
  • ICS 3.5 protocol
  • Speed 0.14s/60º (11.1V, under no load)
  • Size 41x21x30.55 mm
  • Weight 41.5g
  • Operating Voltage 9V~12V

Important Note: If you are purchasing this product to replace damaged servos in your Robot you may need to re-program the servo ID.
If you have the newer KHR 3HV Rev2 please contact us for information on how to perform this.
If you have the original KHR 3HV (with the older 2252HV servos) you may need a Dual USB Adapter HS (not included with the original KHR 3HVs and sold separately) in order re program the IDs.

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