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HaViMo 2.0 - Vision Processing Module for Bioloid and Other MCUs

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Quick overview

HaViMo 2.0 - Vision Processing Module for Bioloid, Robobuilder and MCUs with UART at TTL Level

HaViMo 2.0 - Vision Processing Module for Bioloid, Robobuilder and MCUs with UART at TTL Level

HaViMo is a Integrated Image Processing / Vision Module solution for Robots and embedded applications giving them the ability to perform advanced image processing (BLOB Tracking, Region Growing, Image Girding) even with low power MCUs.
All data is processed by HaViMo which then delivers a digest of the image processing results to the MCU.

3pin Dynamixel bus (1Mbit Half Duplex TTL) and 4pin (115,2 kbps Full Duplex TTL)
interfaces supported.

In HaViMo2 several features such as frame rate are improved. In addition to the region growing algorithm available in prior versions, a new algorithm is implemented called Gridding.
The algorithm is a suitable pre-processing step for many other applications such as object recognition and self localization. 

HaViMo2 is also compatible with a number platforms including, ROBOTIS and RoboBuilder bridges. It can also be integrated in programs developed in Roboplus. Other platforms can also communicate with the module using either half or full-duplex serial protocols.


HaViMo Pan & Tilt Demonstration
Using the new HaViMoGUI to Calibrate HaViMo modules.

Feature List:

Integrated Colour CMOS Camera
  • Frame Resolution: 160*120 Pixels
  • Colour Depth: 12 bits YCrCb
  • Frame Rate: 19 Fps
  • Full Access to all CMOS Camera registers
  • Saving values in EEPROM
    • No need to reconfigure after power on
  • Auto / Manual Exposure, Gain and White balance
  • Adjustable Hue/Saturation
  • Colour-Based Image Processing
Integrated Colour Look-up Table
  • Saved in FLASH
    • No need to recalibrate after power on
  • Up to 256 Objects can be defined
  • 3D viewing and editing tools
  • Real-time LUT overlay on the Camera Image
Raw image output in both calibration and implementation modes
  • Interlaced Output at 19 FPS
  • Full Frame Output at 0.5 FPS


On-line Region-growing
  • Detection of up to 15 contiguous Regions per Frame
  • Reporting Colour, CoM, Number of Pixels and Bounding box for each region
  • Adjustable Noise / small Region Filtering
On-line Gridding
  • Reduces the Resolution of the Image to 32*24
  • Minimum Loss of Information using Object Priority
  • Reports Colour and Number of Pixels for each 5×5 Cell
Supported Hardware
  • Half Duplex (ROBOTIS)
    • CM5
    • CM510/CM530*
    • CM700
    • USB2Dynamixel

      (* if you have a CM530 you can calibrate it using the USB2Dynamixel or the special Calibration Firmware).
  • Full Duplex (RoboBuilder )
    • RBC
  • Other platforms
    • TTL level RS232
    • 115200 BAUD for Full Duplex Mode
    • 1 MBAUD for Half Duplex Mode
  • Supported Software
    • Roboplus (ROBOTIS )
    • Direct C programming (ROBOTIS )
    • RBC firmware
    • Direct C programming (RoboBuilder )

    Additional Resources and Software:

    • HaViMo Documentation
    • HaViMoGUI Calibration Software (direct download link)
      HaViMoGUI supports Direct Calibration using the Standard CM-5/CM-5xx/CM-700/RBC firmware, USB2Dynamixel and direct connection using a USB to TTL converter.
      For more information about Calibration please check the HaViMoGUI page (above) and this forum thread.
    • Calibration firmware if you have a CM530:
      (the Calibration Firmware is not necessary when you calibrate your HaViMo with a USB2Dynamixel)
    • HaViMo Forum
      Your best resource for troubleshooting, tips and general help about using HaViMo.
    • HaViMo Wiki
    • Sample Roboplus Task File for using HaViMo with Roboplus.
      This sample looks for an object of Colour Index 1 (according to whatever you calibrated as Colour 1) and uses the Output Values to drive a small 2 wheel car.
      Be sure to read the documentation (above) to understand how to completely read all the parameters returned by HaViMo and adapt it to your own Robot Project.

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