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Servo Brackets

Servo Brackets

There are several types of brackets in the kit. They are made of aluminum and are smoothly cut. The first bracket is called "Bracket B".

The backside screws of 6 Servos were taken out in order to allow Bracket-B's to be screwed on.

Here they are; 6 servos with Bracket-B's.

Next came a couple of Bracket-C's.


These were was the trickiest ones to latch on to servos because the wire had to go through the bracket hole but the backside Hone axis was obstructing the way for the bracket to attach onto the servo. After a few minutes of fidgeting and experimentation, a way was found though it involved using a little bit of push & shove. Voila, left and right Bracket-C attached comfortably onto two servos.

The next brackets were called the two "Thigh Brackets".

Pretty straightforward were the left and right Thigh Brackets.

 But after attaching, I realized that the manual said something about adding some "2-4 Nickel Pan Screws".

So I found "Parts bag B" with the 130 screws of that kind. I noticed that all the little parts bags have the slogan "Accessories - Make you exciting spirit". I wonder if the original Japanese phrase made sense of attributing elation of the spirit by the way of Nickel Pan Screws. More research needs to be conducted on this matter.

So indeed the little screws go into the corner point of the brackets and I guess it will attach to something later on cause it does not seem necessary for structural reasons.

Servo "Bracket A" times 2 were straightforward to assemble.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the kit's components..

"Finest Quality, Superior Workmanship"

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