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KHR-1 Gaits

The software Heart2Heart that comes with KHR-1 allows for the creation of motion sequences or gaits. You can mold the robot's limbs as you wish, capture the relative servo positions and then play a sequence of transitions between the captured poses. It takes a lot of patience and skill to get the robot to do interesting human like movements mainly because once the robot is in motion, gravity, friction and inertia may contribute to create counter-intuitive effects. However, once you spend a few hours trying out positions and transitions, you will learn to master your robot and as a byproduct also learn how much we actually rely on gravity, friction and inertia to move around.

The following gaits have been created by Kondo. You can watch the video and download the data that should work on your KHR-1 if its Home Position is set propperly.

KHR-1 "Cartwheel" Side Roll
KHR-1 "Cartwheel" Side Roll Data
While this cartwheel motion is awesomely cool, it is likely to bend KHR-1's sensitive aluminum body. Especially around the hands. You've been warned.
KHR-1 Running
KHR-1 Running Data
This running gait requires the large foot sole extension (available at our online store) and a surface that's not too smooth in order to keep to a straight line.
KHR-1 Backward Roll
KHR-1 Backward Roll Data
This gait gets KHR-1 to roll backwards. Note that this trick applies some severe forces on KHR-1's sensitive body. If you plan to do this gait regularly, we suggest wooden floor or an even softer surface.
KHR-1 Forward Roll
KHR-1 Forward Roll Data
Bold forward roll motion. Note that this trick applies some severe forces on KHR-1's sensitive body. If you plan to do this gait regularly, we suggest wooden floor or an even softer surface.
KHR-1 One Foot Turn
KHR-1 One Foot Turn Data
This gait will get KHR-1 to turn on its stand leaning on one leg. Smoothness of the surface can improve the turn.
KHR-1 Push-Ups
KHR-1 Push-Ups Data
Impress your friends! get your KHR-1 perform pushups like the military droid that he is.
KHR-1 Improved Forward Walk
KHR-1 Improved Forward Walk Data
This is an improved version of the walking gait that comes on the CD with the KHR-1 kit. It is quite sensitive to the preciseness of the "Home Position". However since the home position can not be identical in every KHR-1, minor adjustments will easily correct any dissonance.

* We'll be happy to add your gait creations to this list.

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