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You should download the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader if you don't want complaints about missing Japanese fonts. (The translated PDFs may not have visible Japanese fonts but they were probably transformed to PDF using a recent version of Japanese Acrobat PDF writer..)

KHR-1 Assembly Manual (E) Kondo's official KHR-1 Assembly Manual.
Check out also our pictorial assembly description.


HeartToHeart Operations Manual (E) Kondo's official KHR-1 Software Manual
RCBcommander Manual (J) Documentation for the Radio Control Unit. Japanese only..
Radio Unit Cable Problem (J) Apparently some Radio Units came with a cable that was assembled inappropriately. The solution is straightforward. Please read this document if you have purchased a Radio Unit (It is in Japanese but by looking at the pictures you'll understand what needs to be done).
RCB-1 Communication Protocol (J)



ICS Servo Special Protocol (E)
RS232 command reference. Communications between PC and RCB-1.
Translation by Dan Albert of available here.


Partial translation to English of the ICS servo protocol. Standard RC-type servos expect a PWM signal at 50Hz of 1.5±0.5ms width that define which angle the servo has to be at: 0±90°.
ICS servos can also change between 3 predefined parameter sets and return the current value of the potentiometer when they receive shorter PWM width. ICS servos can double as collision sensors!

Majinga Simulator (E)

RoboSavvy's translation of Majinga's KHR-1 simulator documentation.
Fully translated GUI available too.

KRG2 Gyro Manual (E)

Gyro Manager Software Manual (J)

Translation to English of KRG2 Gyro stabilizer manual.
Click on the images below to download scans of the Japanese manual.
!!21Jul06 Update: there seems to be an error in the translation please check out this thread

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