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Robobuilder 5710K Intro
Written by PedroR   
RoboBuilder Intro           

For those of you who remember, Robobuilder is the new incarnation from the original inventors of modular robotics with daisy-chain serial control bus - for hobby and research. Their latest project is Robobuilder.
With the 5710K one of the company's goals was to produce a robot able to please specialist builders while being accessible for beginners. The result is a product that is affordable, easy to assemble, while offering all the advanced robotic concepts associated with a humanoid.


  • 16 servos
  • Sound Detection
  • Optional Object Detection / Distance Sensor
    (Note: Robosavvy is currently offering the Object Detection / Distance sensor kit to all customers who order this kit. In addition, during Christmas '09 we were offering the Acceleration Sensor as well)
  • Remote Control
  • PID motion control.
  • Patented Joint System for Easy Construction
  • Open Hardware Architecture
  • Full documentation available for Communications Protocol
  • Easy to use Motion Editor/Action editor for programming new motions and behaviours on the robot.
  • Programable in C programming language (examples included in documentation), Microsoft Robotics Studio and any other language using the RBC protocol.
  • Drop-Down Full Duplex UART
  • Multiple Document Robot Structures (Humanoid, Dinossaur, Dog and Spider*)

*To build the Spider hexapod robot you need two additional servos and one joint available in the Robobuilder 5710K Spider Complementary Kit.

PID Motion Control

Robobuilder is pioneer in bringing P.I.D. motion control to Humanoid robot kits. P.I.D. allows for much more precise control of the position and motion of the Robot (PID control explanation; wCK servos Technical Details).
PID motion control

Joint Insert Assembly Structure

The Joint Insert Assembly mechanism allows for much faster and easier assembly of the Robot and provides a significant reduction on the number of bolts required. In other humanoids the very large number of bolts frequently lead to loose movements due to loose screws/junctions. This happens because the screws tend to get loose with the usage of the robot.
By reducing the number of bolts not only is the assembly faster and easier but it is also more reliable and robust.
This way you can focus on what matters the most: using the robot and programming its moves and intelligence.
Joint Insert Assembly

Drop-Down Full Duplex UART

Drop-down communication removes unnecessary wiring so that users can enjoy reduced building time and simpler appearances.
UART enables communication speed and improves control efficiency for developers.
Full Duplex UART

Software and Robot Programming

New Motions can be created and added to the Robot with the included, easy-to-use MotionBuilder Software. The tool supports "catch-and-play" functionality for quick and easy creation of motions.

New Autonomous Behaviours can be created to allow the robot to perform autnomous missions or react to the external environment using tools suited from Beginners to Experts:

  • ActionBuilder is a friendly graphical tool for Beginners to create simple behaviours (avoid obstacles, get up after falling, etc.).
  • Microsoft Robotics Development Studio: Use the included Robobuilder MSRDS Manual to learn about the robot and how to use the Visual Programming Language to have it react to Voice Commands, Control from your Keyboard or Gamepad, etc.*
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net: Choose form the MSRDS libraries or the Libraries Developed by our Community that will let you perform full interaction with the Robot, the Sensors and the Servo bus.*
  • C programming: sample software and libraries are available for programming the robot, including full Source Code of the Standard Firmware.
  • Any other languages are supported (Ruby, Python, PHP) by using the robust RBC protocol and wCK protocols to interact with the robot over the serial port or Bluetooth.*

    (The options marked with '*' mean the Robot and the Computer will interact in real time; you can use the included cable or upgrade to Bluetooth for wireless communication)

Finally there is one additional tool - the wCK programmer - that is used to tweak the settings of the servos.



 Kit Contents

  • 1x RBC-NNN Intelligent Controller Box
  • 12x wCK-1108 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 8
    • 1x Generic A/D port + 2x Generic PIO ports for expansibility
    • Main Output Gear in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 4x wCK-1111 Smart Actuator Module:
    • PID Motion Control
    • Torque: 11
    • 1x Generic A/D port + 2x Generic PIO ports for expansibility
    • Main Output Gear in Metal for Added Strength and Reliability
  • 1x Sound Sensor (inside the Controller Box)
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 11x Misc. Body parts (7 types)
  • 39x Plastic Joint parts (12 types)
  • 1 set of Nuts & Bolts
  • 20x wCK Module Cable
  • 1x 220V Power Supply
  • 1x User Guide Book
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x RS-232 cable for PC communication
  • Prepared to Upgrade with Bluetooth for Wireless communication with the PC and other devices.
Please Note: Depending on the Campaigns available at the time of Purchase, the Robot may include additional accessories. Please consult the product page in our store.

RoboBuilder Forum Link           

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